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  1. If you have a dwai/suspended License on your record does this disqualify you ?
  2. Hello everyone , so I was put on medical hold back in March-April I believe and I won’t be able to continue the process because of my current job l, untill after January when I can get more time off and actually dedicate myself on trying to get this job my question is that to late? Have I already lost my opportunity ? I heard something about about you never lose your list number or something like that thanks you in advance !
  3. I got put on medical hold and they’re unfortunately closed weekends , so I won’t be in Monday’s training class , couldn’t get any information out of them on when the next class will be , does anybody here have an idea ?
  4. How long untill your first raise ? & how much ? been at my job for almost 8yrs really trying to figure out if I should leave or not , I don’t know if I can get a leave of absence for the 10day training that starts Monday and with not having any experience with busses I don’t know how good my chances are of passing the training
  5. How do you know when the application expires ?
  6. Isn’t this for buses , what’s TA?
  7. I know what vacancies mean , but like i said before since its only 200 does that mean only 200 of the 1463 will be hired ?
  8. Ohh ok thank you , but what about the 200 vacancies whats that about ?
  9. What do you mean list was certified ? , does that mean that only 200 out of the 1463 will be hired ?
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