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  1. Did my Med everything went good. I’ll be at training the 29th
  2. Hey did u take a 21 page booklet in a yellow envelope ? Didn’t they take that paper work when we did the drug test ? Thanks for the update btw
  3. Nice, I got called to go in Monday April 1. Did they give u a start date ? What should I expect for the medical ?
  4. Wow sucks. It’s weird that they didn’t do a background check. Mayb they mess up and now put you on hold because of that. I would go to the headquarters and tell them the situation
  5. What exam # did you take ? I would call exams unit and have them explain to me what’s going on.
  6. Yea same here hopefully soon. I’ll keep u posted.
  7. No I haven’t got any results. How about u ?
  8. Oh ok thanks I’ll keep you guys updated just Incase. Hopefully we get called soon
  9. Took the drug test on 2/1 my list # is I’m the 30’s
  10. Wats up guys has anyone got any response yet since the drug test ?
  11. Hey wats up I took the multiple choice test and passed I got the interview but haven’t received any update. Any luck ?
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