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  1. "R68s will goto Q and W, R46 reefed, and R179s to Franklin Shuttle and H train." L O L are you high? This is some next level foamer logic
  2. 3011-3019 taken OOS at Fulton St.
  3. A Facebook messenger chat group sounds better IMO, not a lot of people use Reddit for railfanning but for other purposes.
  4. R179 A @ Fulton to 207 if anyone wants to catch it.
  5. I can't seem to find an option or button to edit. If there is a button, where is it? I registered 2 days ago & the forums don't seem confusing to use, but something tells that there's a different way to edit comments because I've seen others & they were labled as "edited".
  6. Yep, that was me lmfao, I just had to take the shot because I like the A in general
  7. A to Lefferts @ 34-Penn right now.
  8. Rumors are that it's heading to Rockaway Park, not sure about that though as I'm at 207 as well.
  9. Yeah, I felt it as well on 3012. Not sure what was the cause though.
  10. If you still need it, It's a 207 St bound @ Grant Av
  11. Far Rockaway bound @ 80 St right now.
  12. Doors were being held at Canal St S/B when it was going to Far Rockaway, they kept opening & closing for 1-3 minutes. People kept looking at the doors & were mad, I could tell the conductor & train operator were mad too because 2-3 employees had to enter the conductor cab to check what was going on.
  13. I heard that a conquestor or foamer did it, heard something on the radio about a non-employee causing the issue.
  14. I've seen it with my own eyes. I couldn't take a picture due to 0% battery on my phone, there's a video about it on YouTube though if you filter the search results.
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