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  1. Caught that same one, it was doing just fine
  2. No point of sending 32s to Pitkin and 207 if 179s are gonna enter service again lol
  3. Two R179s at BWJ will be put-ins for the J/Z @ 4:46 & 4:55
  4. This is the full context and photo with info taken by Trevor Logan Jr, looks like it is getting repaired there.
  5. I think it's hybrid battery is getting repaired, It could just be me though
  6. If that's the deal here, the video description is misleading then...
  7. There's definitely a few more 46s on the R, so there'll be more transfers
  8. The operation hurts operators the most, brake a little and your body will jump a bit. You have to swing the long handle & it's a real pain in the ass doing it back and forth.
  9. Not even that as well but to add on, CBTC is close to being done on Queens Blvd. Even though I don't like 46s on the N/W, we have to let things go as the MTA plans, it's for the benefit for commuters & transit in general.
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