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  1. The operation hurts operators the most, brake a little and your body will jump a bit. You have to swing the long handle & it's a real pain in the ass doing it back and forth.
  2. Not even that as well but to add on, CBTC is close to being done on Queens Blvd. Even though I don't like 46s on the N/W, we have to let things go as the MTA plans, it's for the benefit for commuters & transit in general.
  3. 46s are worse than the 68s if you know your trains properly, unlike foamers....
  4. This is why buffs with no RTO experience whatsoever should use the forums, or just foamers to be honest. They'll just rant about anything & not back themselves up or use false information lol
  5. The reason why 160s are signed up as Q via Sea Beach to 96 St is because there's no N program to 96 St, It's kinda odd that they have one FROM 96, but not TO it.
  6. That's basically a N to 96/Sea Beach Q, they always start at 86 St on Sea Beach to 96-2 & then go back as an N (Basically a N short-turn)
  7. Most likely R46s for regular fleet experience/recognition, but that's just me
  8. Yesterday, I saw 9143-9148 + 9193-9197 on Queens Blvd going NB via LCL with the safety chain off & barrier springs removed in the middle. Is it a possible transfer?
  9. 7171 & 7174 are back at UP, 7171 last seen on the B3 & 7174 on the B1
  10. Yeah, no. The swap is only happening between Jamaica & Coney Island yards, you foamers are really going wild for sure
  11. It was a rerouted R160 F via West End when heading to Coney Island, headed back out of service afterwards for some odd reason
  12. Confirmed, I saw it on the F yesterday
  13. "R68s will goto Q and W, R46 reefed, and R179s to Franklin Shuttle and H train." L O L are you high? This is some next level foamer logic
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