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  1. I think this was his way of complaining about the dog on the tracks on the
  2. Correct me if I’m wrong , I think the uses the 62s and the uses the 62As
  3. I think the Q102 to the to the ( if you don’t feel like walking from 57th St on the )
  4. trust me , the cops at Euclid do not care about people walking through the gate 😂😂
  5. I don’t think that’s really gonna do anything to stop it
  6. Do you remember why the R ran to Astoria ?
  7. people still gonna enter through the gate , alarms not gonna do shit
  8. for anyone looking : r179 to Manhattan at 80th St
  9. Nah what 😂 who has the time and effort do all that
  10. For Anyone Looking : 3019- 3010 set R179 to Lefferts approaching Euclid Ave 3243 R179 to Inwood heading to Hoyt St
  11. you do realize you post the picture but not the so-called question you have..

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