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  1. At 9th St waiting for a train , heard about 3 or 4 Siemens R160’s on the line and caught a R160B on the
  2. Is there a major difference between the 8-car 179s vs the 10-car 179s , operational-wise ?
  3. Do you think ridership would be enough that the would run full length ?
  4. 3166 on the has new headlights , idk if anyone noticed that before.
  5. Oh yeah , that makes sense , I had completely forgot about that
  6. is it just me or do they look like the R160s from the side ?
  7. service is disrupted while we move a train with a mechanical problem off of the Manhattan Bridge. Trains In Brooklyn, northbound trains are only running from Brighton Beach to Prospect Park, the last stop. Any trains that have passed Prospect Park will run on the line from Canal St to Times Sq-42 St, the last stop. Trains Northbound trains that depart from Coney Island-Stillwell Av are running on the line from to Broadway-Lafayette St. Trains that are in Brooklyn and have already departed will run on the line from DeKalb Av to 57 St-7 Av and then on the line to 96 St, the last stop. Trains Some northbound trains are running on the line from Coney Island-Stillwell Av to DeKalb Av. Posted: 2/19/21 8:52 AM
  8. you mean stops between Marcy & Myrtle or between Myrtle & Metropolitan ?
  9. What’s the difference between the R211A & R211S besides the obvious of the former going to the B-Division and the latter heading to SIR ?
  10. What happened with those LCD displays the MTA was testing on the ? Been seeing them a lot recently but I only ever seen them on about 3yrs ago when they first started testing.
  11. Part Suspended service is temporarily suspended between Queensboro Plaza and 74 St-Broadway while NYPD responds to several people on the tracks between 46 St-Bliss St and 52 St. For service between Queensboro Plaza and 74 St-Broadway, see a station agent and receive a courtesy pass for continuing service. Consider taking Q32, Q53-SBS, and Q60 bus service. For service between Queens and Manhattan, consider taking trains. Posted: 2/2/21 6:45 PM

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