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  1. So Astoria blvd is officially closed for construction now ?
  2. @Train92 that thing you’re doing with your mouth is really unhealthy 🤣
  3. this nigga deadass just said he would’ve been happier if one of the kids got hurt but yet that’s no big deal , ya white people are different
  4. don’t be amused , nothing funny bout that dumb shit that nigga just said
  5. Same thing I said , there’s already a ramp there so what’s the point of the construction
  6. LMFAOOOOOOO yo that shit had me crying when I saw it
  7. LMFAOOOOOOO I’m crying , it’s not that it’s NY , it’s simple fact that niggas don’t care 😂
  8. ya think they might start locking the doors ?

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