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  1. Yeah co-op city is bounded by two highways which is what makes it relatively harder to access. And since it's so big Baychester av isnt convenient enough to serve everybody
  2. I read somewhere about an extension of the D across Gun Hill to Co-op City but this would be a lengthy trip, and incredibly extension. In my opinion, the 6 is the easiest, most convenient and obvious extension. I'll research more first though
  3. This is true, but the Bx30 goes further north, and doesn't serve all of Co-op City.
  4. Well I used to think this as well, but neither Dyre nor Baychester Av actually have a bus that goes to Co-op City. Most that take the 5 go to Gun Hill Road to take the BX28 or BX38, but this actually takes longer then the most common route, 6 Train to Pelham Bay Park. And there, its incredibly crowded and wait times for buses take forever. At least what I saw.
  5. What is a highly needed subway extension that is rarely talked about amongst the forum, public, and the MTA?
  6. But that is still a topic up for discussion
  7. Well that didn’t go as planned. Anyway, the point was more about Co-op City Transit in general, not a subway extension. My bad
  8. Co-op City is the largest housing development in America, home to 50,000 residents in 42 buildings across 15,372 units of residence. The large, adjacent Bay Plaza mall is often considered part of the Co-op City area. It is one of the most major isolated locations in New York City. Deep in the Northeast Bronx, it is situated along the Hutchinson river and bounded by I-95 and the Hutch Parkway. It was constructed in 1966-1973, and is cooperative housing for the "forgotten" working middle class. It is built on a Marshland, and 35 buildings range from 24 to 33 stories. It is spread out across five "sections', however, it is commonly known to be three different parts- Dreiser in the North Bartow in the Middle And Section 5 in the Southeast, isolated by the Hutch While many bus routes run to the large development, not one train directly serves it. The most common and fastest route is the 6 Train to Pelham Bay park, but once there one must exit and wait several minutes to crowd on a specific bus for another 15 or so minutes. The BXM7 Express Bus is the fastest, however it often gets caught in traffic along the Bruckner and Madison, and the fare price is ridiculous- $6.75 one way. Buses are the only way to get around. It is one of the most bus-dependent areas in the City. A subway extension of some sorts is a highly necessary item. However, there are many factors that need to be put into consideration when planning this new route. Transit options in Co-op City (via refers to major street in co-op city) BX5- Bay Plaza (Weekends only)-Longwood (via Bartow) BX12- Bay Plaza (Nights only)- Inwood (via Bartow) BX12 SBS- Bay Plaza- Inwood (Via Bartow) BX23 Loop- Pelham Bay Station-Co-op city (via Sections 1-2-3-4-5 or 5-4-3-2-1) BX26- Bedford Park- Section Five ( viaSections 4-5) BX28- Fordham- Section 5 (via sections 4-5) BX30- Norwood- Section 5 (via bartow and baychester av) BX38- Norwood- Bay Plaza (via Baychester av, co-op city Blvd) Q50 LTD- Flushing- Section 5 (via sections 1-2-3-4-5) BXM7- Express ($6.75, via dreiser, asch, section 5) Dreiser Loop- 23 St
  9. Hi. Is there any way for me to change my username? I'd like to change it to Shore El Express.
  10. What branch are the M9s mainly operating on now
  11. 6 Train Revision Downtown-Extension via Broadway local to Atlantic Av (Rush Hours to New Lots Av local) Uptown-6 splits into different lines. 6 and 8 local via park/lexington to 125 st. 6 Express becomes 8 Train. New 8 Train runs express, making stops at 125 st, Whitlock Av, Parkchester, Westchester Sq-Tremont Av, and Pelham Bay Park while the 6 runs local. 8 Train would then go to Co-op City- Bartow Av/Bay Plaza, and on to Eastchester-Dyre Av. The 6 would turn to Pelham Bay Park via Bronx and Pelham Pkwy to City Island.
  12. Some random idea I had (highly unethical, mostly just for fun) A Train extension North of Inwood-207 St via Broadway/Riverdale Avenue serving the West Bronx Manhattan 215 St-Brodway (1 Train) Marble Hill-225 St (1Train) The Bronx 235 St-Riverdale Avenue Bell Tower-Riverdale Avenue Hudson Pkwy-252 St 259 St-Skyview Complex 263 St-Mount St. Vincent College Westchester Radford-Riverdale Avenue Ludlow-Riverdale Avenue Vark St-Riverdale Avenue City of Yonkers-Prospect St Downtown Yonkers-Dock/Hudson

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