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  1. Did you receive an email yet regarding the orientation details ?
  2. Yeah, I received a call last Friday that I cleared the medical and the start date is the 4th. Wbu ?
  3. When I received the call to start the background check, I was told the class start date was sept 4
  4. My background was completed after a week and I received my conditional offer on July 8th. I'm still waiting to be called for the medical.
  5. Anyone attending the September class got schedule for medical ?
  6. Yes, the next class is September 4th
  7. Has anyone received any information regarding the next class? I missed a call from HR and I've tried calling back but I'm unable to reach anyone.
  8. They definitely have enough people to fill up a class. At least 15 people passed the Feb S&D
  9. I’m still waiting to be placed in a class. I took the S&D in February. I haven’t received any information regarding the hiring freeze
  10. Why would they cancel the class? 🤔
  11. I took the S&D on Feb 12th & got the call today. I wasn't offered the April class, this is the first time I've been contacted since the panel interview.
  12. I got a call from the LIRR saying that the April class is canceled. And the next class would be in the fall. When in the fall does the class usually start ?
  13. I passed on Feb 12th still haven’t received an email.
  14. Hey guys, I passed my S&D on the 12th. Does anyone know when the next class will be ?

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