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  1. This is crazy...so now what do you guys think happens after this pandemic is over?
  2. Hi All, Forgive me if this is the wrong section but I have a couple questions regarding B/O's 1. I'm a current school bus driver and wanted to know if B/O have a split shift like school bus drivers (4 hours on, 4 hour break, 4 hours on, 12 hours off - back to 4 on, 4 off, 4 on)? I know for new drivers weekends and nights are gonna be most of the time we work. 2. When the job posting states drivers start at $2x.xx per hour and then will be $3x.xx after 6 years.... Does that mean the pay stays the same for 5 years and then jumps at the 6th year? Or does that mean the pay gradually moves up a couple buck per hour, every year? Thanks!
  3. I just saw that bus operator exams lets you apply veterans credit. I took 2 exams in the last few months. How can I get my veteran credit applied? Do I have to send someone my DD214? Thanks!
  4. Yes but which answer are they looking for? Check the manual or seek out the supervisor??
  5. I took the BOSS exam this morning and there was a question that I'm not sure if I got "right" or what It stated: "If you are at work and you are unsure of a particular procedure that you would need to do, what would you do? A. Check the manual B. ask your supervisor C. Ask a co-worker D. Do what I think is best I chose B. Ask your supervisor. I could not decide between A or B. What do you guys think?
  6. Thank you for being so detailed and helping everyone!!! You make it easier with the links you provide. So basically, keep your license clean (no tickets), don't get in any accidents, and stay out of trouble....and just wait!
  7. Hi All, I took exam 9618 a few months back and now I just got the letter to take exam 9309. should I even bother taking it? Also the BOSS exam that I took on the same day as 9618, how do I find out the results of that? Also, do I have to take the BOSS again? Thanks! Ken
  8. Can someone tell me the difference between NYC Transit, MaBSTOA and MTA Bus Company...because i'm still confused. I live in the North Bronx and there is a bus terminal in Co-Op city near I95 and the buses say MTA BUS. I have never seen a bus with NYCT on it. Whats the difference? Pension benefits?
  9. Question...I'm a current school bus driver and I'm taking several city bus exams. What happend if I get hired to one agency like MTB and then I get called by another agency like NYCT....what do I do? Transfer or quite or what?
  10. I applied for bus operator exam 9309 and paid the exam fee on May 3rd...and have not heard back any info on when the test is.... Has anyone got anything since then?
  11. Does anyone know if exam #9618 are for bus terminals in Queens/brooklyn? Or Bronx Manhattan?
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