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  1. Passed my Midterm and Yard Practical. Posting for 3 weeks, than Finals and Road Practical. Like everyone on here was saying, school car is an amazing experience and I hope everyone gets called eventually. FYI I didn’t hear anything about any upcoming conductor classes but I think they will have one next quarter (March-April). My TSS told me that’s what they usually do.
  2. Early 2000s, you'll get called hopefully by the spring or summer.
  3. Got into Division B just like I wanted! Crazy thing is, everyone is in B lol. We have 4 classes with Division B (No A), the instructors said this was the first time this has ever happened. Guess B really needs help out there. Will keep you guys updated on my journey! Take care.
  4. Make sure you have everything in order, Doctors notes clearing certain things etc. I seen a couple people placed on medical hold when I went to medical/processing. Class starts next week! You don't want to miss out.
  5. Copy! when do you get the official uniform?
  6. So how long do you wear those clothes until you get the official uniforms?
  7. For the dress code, what type of pants and shirts (brands) did you buy?
  8. Ordering my boots now, what backpack would be the best to order? I'm looking at the KAKA travel backpack. Is this a good one?
  9. I'm gearing towards B division if we get the chance to pick, hopefully i get it.
  10. Thanks bro, I still can't believe it. A test with 33,000 applicants!!!
  11. Got sworn in today! Thank you all for the information and help throughout this process.
  12. Received my medical/final processing email today. Going in on Thursday, home stretch!
  13. Just heard it by word of mouth, I don't think it's accurate.
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