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  1. Called up Ms. Vargas today to get some insight on when another class would be held and was told one is scheduled for October 28th. Unfortunately I won't be making it to this class because it is full/small per her words. Right now the list number is at 1760s and I'm low 18**s. This is beginning to feel like an eternity! Good luck to the people that are starting on the 28th.
  2. 347-643-8218 Call around 9:30 AM Monday - Friday
  3. Are you talking about the August class or is there a class that starts in September?
  4. Same here, less than 100 away! where did you get this information from? I've been calling Ms. Vargas since yesterday to get an update but it looks like she on vacation or something.
  5. I don't know if that's correct, I'm list number 18** and have been called in for PE already. Are you sure you're are not talking about Medical?
  6. Does anybody know when is the best time to call Ms. Vargez? I've been calling her phone and it rings out every time.
  7. That sucks dude, sorry to hear that. Did you receive a letter in the mail?
  8. That sucks man, to wait all these damn years and to go to multiple PE's just for the 1 in 3 rule to screw you over. I'm hoping for the best man!
  9. Damn man, sorry to hear that but at least you're able to reapply. Noted on being extra cautious during the probation period!
  10. I'm a bit confused. You use to be a conductor, now you're reapplying?
  11. No, I was going for my first PE list number #18**. I finished about 11:30, I'm glad I went early!
  12. I’m up at 180 Livingston st right now, arriving at 6:30 is a must. I thought it was a dress code? I see people in sweats.....
  13. What time did you arrive? I go in on Friday for processing, I'm trying to beat the crowd.
  14. I believe I got my first job when I was 20, I was a full-time college student from 18-20. Just say I was unemployed for those 2 year?
  15. Just got my first PE in the mail today, I have to report on June 7th. Any last minute tips so that I don't have to stay the entire day.

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