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  1. It may have to do with the switches and curves, to say nothing of trying to avoid rear-ending another train.
  2. Those sky-high fares will definitely serve as a deterrent.
  3. Then just do that. The route has high turnover at HTC because much of no one is trying to use it to go between points south and points north along that route.
  4. The sheer number of routes and service patterns across all routes do nothing to help the situation. Here's hoping the automated announcements make it to all buses sooner rather than later.
  5. You say that as if the government lacks the power to address those concerns. In reality, it's a matter of will, something that is sorely lacking. I have absolutely no reason to believe that the increasing use of machines is simply because they don't want to pay higher wages. Maybe this flew over your head, but corporations want automation because they don't need to pay machines a damn thing, nor do machines fall ill/risk injury on the job. The most the machines would need is a bit of maintenance on occasion and eventual replacement when they get too old/broken for continued use.
  6. "Human labor is expensive, especially if the work they put in creates more value than what we're willing to pay. Now be a good little doggy and beg for the time off that we have no intention of giving you." The bulk of these low-paying jobs are physically and/or mentally taxing. Corporations would probably have the workers pay them if they could get away with it. Don't even get me started on the concern trolling over small businesses. It's a ruse to try to keep the wealth funneling up to those with plenty of it.
  7. Damn, that second Pfizer dose was nowhere near as pleasant as the first.
  8. Are Fuji door motors supposed to make some sort of creaking/squealing sound? If not (and I really don't expect them to), 8833 needs to be checked.
  9. I can only hope that these Gilligs will do better.
  10. Just a few hours ago, I was thinking that it could've stood a chance if it was more akin to the M98. Unfortunately, we'll never know, as that ship already sailed.
  11. I'm not saying that the conversion is an inherently bad idea. I'm saying that they're not doing a good job of selling the concept, particularly where constraints are concerned. As far as I'm concerned, if they were serious about it, they'd release a more detailed plan, such as what to do about single-tracking and keeping trains moving. For the record, I'm not from Nassau, either, but having seen things either in videos or up close, I can't simply approve of it, particularly since we're talking about one of the RPA's proposals.
  12. Now I know they're not serious about that. If they were, they'd be trying to avoid this as much as possible, especially in Mineola and the Village of Hempstead. Hell, the way they describe the quality of existing services is misleading. Sure, they're infrequent, but there's no deeper dive into why. Worse, they somehow manage to imply that heavy rail is noisy because it's heavy, as opposed to the use of steel rails and wheels (which the proposal won't change) or the fact that the Oyster Bay Branch almost never uses electric trains due to a lack of electrification past East Williston. That's not to say that the idea is absolutely meritless, but they don't do a particularly good job of selling it with bad use of terminology, being really cheap, and failing to look into what elements are hampering existing service (the West Hempstead Branch in particular isn't only being hampered by the short reach or piss-poor frequency, though they certainly don't help).
  13. At this point, I'm not entirely sure what needs to be done to salvage it, short of addressing how everything connects and whether or not it serves Manhattan (which I'd like to use the Atlantic Branch for, though that would require significant investment).
  14. Considering its constantly precarious position (it seems like it's always next on the chopping block), I'd say it wasn't. Not helping matters are the single-tracking and short platforms (Lakeview being a particularly egregious case, as the only ways to expand the station in any sense are to either grade-separate and stack or conduct street closures and property acquisition). The way it connects with the Atlantic and Montauk Branches does no favors (if you're familiar with Rogers Junction, well, it's similar to that).
  15. In that case, I'd recommend grabbing some barf bags.
  16. Only the has any real justification for the R262s, and even then, it shouldn't get any until after the R142s are moved off of White Plains Road.
  17. Apparently, some just can't take the hint...
  18. Personally, if it's not what I'm looking for, I just back away from the curb. Regardless, waving to flag the driver down is something that should only need to be done if you're approaching the bus from behind.
  19. I mean, that's one way to use DRM. (Expired printer cartridges, anyone?)
  20. I don't particularly like relying on this. Not only is it meaningless to a good part of the population (some lack a sense of direction), but depending on exactly how the labels are used, they could be rendered meaningless for either a good stretch or the entirety of a route purely by skew. The rest of it, however, is fine.
  21. Even if it's the wider part of 39th Street, I'm not surprised. That street can barely handle the 40-footers and the cars without any double-parking.
  22. I just went through that. I really hate the part after they ask you to describe how the sample trains run. The directional ones only fit under certain circumstances (north and south only work if there's more of an overall skew that suits them, which is constant for the and but not the or ), and the ones for the termini may be split (the is the worst offender with a name that starts with a neighborhood that it's already been serving and a street name that doesn't even apply to either street the terminus actually touches).

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