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  1. They will send you a PDF file to study phase 1 Material in advance.
  2. Lol it was good Dre , you know the deal. 💪
  3. Gooood morning! Doing pretty well, wish I didn't have to work half the day so I could study all day and really have no life 🤓
  4. Hey Dre , do you think the MTA is still on a hiring frenzy?
  5. Hard work dedication got us here guys, now let’s kill phase 1!!! 💪🤓💪. Who’s with me!?
  6. I’m in Nassau county, takes me around 28 minutes to get to Babylon
  7. That’s what I’m saying, learned my lesson lol. Catching 4:07 pm train from Jamiaca to HS🚂💨 driving to Babylon is mandatory bc it’s like hour walk🚶🏽‍♂️from station I heard ! Not sure how parking works over there but we’ll find out on Wednesday .
  8. I’m catching the train on Wednesday’s to hillside facility, not messing around parking. Almost was late for the open house! Luckily I found parking at the very last minute and literally ran to offices with one minute to spare huee
  9. Hey brother one , of you took your s&d last month then you should be in the next class around January I would guess right @drenyce311
  10. Anytime brother man! Remember doubt kills more dreams then failure ever will. 💪
  11. Hey Elaine, sorry to hear I took my s&d in May too and got notified like 3 weeks after. I’ve read this forum from page 1 and they say no news is good news, but if you get a letter in mail it pretty much means you didn’t get selected. I would honestly try to get in touch with HR see what’s going on..
  12. So far so good, writing each rule down like crazy already went through two 300 page note books working on my third 🤓 Heheh I’m super exited too man can’t wait to be a student again lol 📚
  13. Don't worry you should get a call soon bc I got called 2-3 weeks after s&d.
  14. Nice! See you in class man. I think the Saturday class might be in Babylon. 💪🤓💪
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