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  1. IKR was just reading an article about it this morning lol , they jelly 😛
  2. Open house>1st interview>s&d overview>s&d exam>panel interview>phase 1>medical, physical, background>phase 2>Graduation! Don't quote me on this though lol could be wrong .
  3. So I think physical medical and background after phase 1?.. right
  4. Nope , mine was scheduled for the 30th . I don’t think I’ll make it for the May class unfortunately 😕 but who knows lol
  5. Sweet , I might have to wait till June Bc my call for panel was today
  6. Isn't there a class every three months? Maybe that's why .
  7. Yeah I took s&d exam may 11 , the process has been pretty smooth so far , Im still reviewing everyday to keep it fresh in my mind ; )
  8. Thank you, well more time for me to review my signals and defs
  9. Hahahah roadayway worker 😂 that one was the easiest for me jk I’m glad to hear you did good might be to late for me to get into the May phase 1 class ya think ?
  10. Nice , did you have to recite anything on the paper they give you to read ? And did you prepare for interview ? Or ya just that good lol
  11. I’m trying to figure that out too lol , still waiting for panel interview call:)

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