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  1. Thanks guys; I don't really know why I didn't just walk around the stairway to the other side to find the one leading down to the #7. I was pretty tired. Your info will certainly help me out on my next trip through GCT.
  2. Hey guys; I have been traveling through GCT from Metro North to the Port Authority bus terminal mostly on weekends, but occasionally weekdays. With the construction in the area of the Shuttle station, I find myself in a different place each time I pass through. For example, a couple weekends ago, I was on the main concourse heading towards 42nd st. The entrance to the subway was always on both sides, but now it's one side or the other. On this Sunday, I was directed left from the concourse level (near 42nd st) then down a rather narrow corridor, and then down a set of stairs or an escalator to the subway. Once I had paid my fare, I could not find the corridor to the Shuttle. I'm not sure whether it was barricaded off, or that I was not in the same area I am normally when I go to the Shuttle. I ended up taking the #7 instead, which is actually a better choice for getting to PABT. Today (weekday) I was in the same area on the concourse level but this time I was directed to my right as I faced 42nd st. After going through the fare gate, I looked for the #7, but the only escalator I saw was going up. A sign at the top of the stairs leading down to the 4-5-6 platform indicated the #7 two levels down. I descended the stairway to the 456 platform, but didn't see a stairway or escalator leading down to the #7 platform, so I returned to the top of the stairway. Then I found the corridor to the Shuttle, and went that way. I believe that part of my confusion between finding myself on the #7 platform that Sunday and not finding the #7 today was that I had not entered the subway at the same location. There must be another entry point east of the main access (near the 42nd st exit), which is where I was on the Sunday when I found the #7 platform, but not the Shuttle. I suppose I can walk between the two fare gate areas if I do so before paying my fare, and that I need to be paying more attention to the signage, which isn't all that great in the first place. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention the lower level. Sometimes the train I am on arrives on the lower level, which leads me to a completely different entrance to the subway. I end up in the same place of course - just don't need to descend a stairway. Perhaps I should just use that route instead of from the upper level. What would be really helpful in large stations like GCT and TS is color-coded floor tiles or painted lines which could be followed to reach a particular subway line. In the mean time, I am looking for a good map of the GCT subway stations (including access from concourse level). It's too bad Google Street View doesn't go inside buildings like GCT!
  3. I was once on a train from Tarrytown to GCT that was completely full, and the conductor never got to take my (paper) ticket. I was able to use it for my next trip.
  4. Hi guys; Is it safe to assume that if I buy an off-peak ticket from Croton-Harmon to GCT but board the train at Tarrytown (or anywhere between the two stations), that there won't be any issues? Reason I ask is that I am a long-distance runner, and often run from Van Cortlandt Park to Tarrytown, and sometimes to Croton. I like to purchase my e-ticket prior to leaving on my run, so if I think I may run to Croton, I would purchase a ticked from Croton to GCT, rather than from Tarrytown. Considering that Tarrytown and Croton are in the same fare zone, I would assume it would be OK to buy the Croton ticket. Technically, it should still be OK to use a Tarrytown to GCT ticket if I board at Croton, but that might be a little more questionable. I don't know what Metro North policies are regarding this, but I am asking because of the possibility that they might frown on boarding the train anywhere other than at the station printed (or displayed) on the ticket - for logistical reasons perhaps. Of course, I could hold off buying my ticket until I reach Tarrytown, as I always make a food stop there. It's just more convenient to purchase it before I leave home. Then, there's the old-fashioned alternative: Buy the ticket at a TVM at the station. But I have missed more than one train because the train was pulling into the station as I ran down the stairs, and was gone by the time I had purchased my ticket. I don't want to pay the penalty fare buying it on the train. Thanks for your help FW-
  5. Thanks for the clarification. Maybe I'll just take the A to 207th st and run the rest of the way to Van Cortlandt. I'm going there to start a 14 mile run to Tarrytown, and a few extra miles won't be a problem. Normally, I take the #1 from 181 st (after getting off the bus from NJ) to Van Cortlandt.
  6. Hi; Can someone clarify the #1 planned service change for this weekend. The website says trains will run in two sections: 242 to Dyckman, and 137 to S. Ferry. Does this affect both uptown and downtown trains? Thanks FW
  7. Not a regular commuter; I am a runner, and frequently run from the GWB to Tarrytown or farther north, then get on MNCR back to GCT and the bus home from PABT. I have yet to use the NJT 'MyTix' app, but do have it installed and configured on my phone. With all the poor reviews of the app, I am afraid to use it, so I have been using cash from NJ, and buy a ticket from a TVM for the trip home. That said, I have seen plenty of people getting on the bus using the app, so I guess it works - at least some of the time. I agree 100% with the need for a new fare collection system. Tap & Go is the way to go, but I would go one step further, and build a system that is compatible with MTA, so we can have one card (or one account) to use for MTA and NJT. Ultrarunner
  8. Hi; I often take the 175 bus from Teaneck road & Grayson place in Teaneck, to the GWB bus terminal. Until a few weeks ago, I was always charged the 3 zone fare ($4.50), but recently, on two occasions, I was charged only the 2-zone fare ($3.50) from the same stop. When I questioned the driver, I was told that the zone changes at route 4 & Teaneck road. So, what the driver is telling me is that he can charge either the 3-zone or the 2-zone fare from Grayson place, even though it is 2 blocks (but 0 bus stops) from the change of zones. The next stop is Route 4 & Phelps road, which is 0.43 miles (as the bus travels) from Grayson Place. So, to avoid any confusion, perhaps the next issue of the #175 bus schedule should indicate the zone change either at Teaneck road & Grayson place, or at Route 4 & Phelps road. Either way, I always have the 3-zone fare on hand when I board the bus. Ultrarunner
  9. That's the point. I have always refilled at the $10 level. It must have been when I first purchased the card. It was also $10, but there was a charge of $1.00 for the new card. Whatever, it's just my curiosity. Not at all important. Too bad the bonus is going away in April, but it's better than a fare increase.
  10. Well, it looks like I'm only being charged for the one transaction where my Metrocard was actually refilled. There are still the pending transactions, but only one charge was put through. While on the subject, I'm perplexed as to how my Metrocard got such a strange balance: The last time I swiped, the display said I had $6.78 remaining on the card. When I refilled last Sunday, the starting balance was $1.78. I added $10 to the card. I received the $0.50 bonus, so the total was $$12.28. I swiped twice after that, leaving $6.78. So where did the extra .03 come from?
  11. That makes the most sense, but I am curious as to why one of the failed transactions was already credited (showing as a pending transaction of -$10) while the other was not. I guess I just need to be patient, and check my account in a couple of days after all the pending transactions have been either put through or cancelled.
  12. And to make matters worse, the MVM I used at 181 st is going to charge me even though the transaction was denied. I made 2 attempts at the first machine, and got the same 'incorrect zip code' error both times. Then I went to another machine and was able to complete the refill. Now, I look at my credit card 'recent transactions' and see a total of 4 pending transactions, each for $10 (the value I refilled). Only one of those is a credit. The bad machine should have transmitted a second credit. The receipt I got from the machine where I did complete the transaction clearly states that no value was added to my card by the first machine. At least I only do $10 per refill - so there's no great loss if it takes a long time to credit my account. That said, it is still possible that the extra charge will be removed, or a credit will be issued. Last time this happened, a credit was issued by the machine for both failed transactions, and these disappeared from my account after a few days, leaving only the correct charge. Regardless of the paltry amount I was overcharged, I will dispute it with my bank. I found a website to file with the MTA for this sort of thing, but they need to know the MVM number. I got the number on the receipt from the good machine, but since I didn't get a receipt from the bad machine, I will need to check it next time I go into the station. I assume the number is displayed somewhere on the machine... On a somewhat different subject: When I used the 181 st #1 station last Sunday, I was a bit concerned at how slowly, and noisily the elevator was working. I know they're going to replace the elevators in that station in a couple of years, but I'm starting to worry about getting stuck on it someday. So maybe instead of using that station, I'll start taking the A train uptown from 175 st and either running to VC from there, or walking over to the 207 st #1 station and taking advantage of the 'temporary' free out of system transfer, which I believe is in effect until the 168 st station reopens.
  13. Woops... I accidentally hit a key that posted the message before I had finished composing it... From Tarrytown, I take MNCR to GCT, then the Shuttle back to Times Square, and finally walk through the passage to the PABT. I would expect (but not assume) that the machines at a station like 42nd st would get a lot more maintenance, so it would probably be best for me to refill there.
  14. Do you know if the machines at the 42nd st (Port Authority Bus Terminal) station (ACE) are better maintained? I normally wind up back there after walking through the passage from the shuttle. Note that I don't normally travel 'round-trip'. I usually take a bus from NJ over the GWB, walk to the 181st #1 station, and take it to Van Cortlandt Park.Van Cortlandt, I run (by foot) on the Old Croton Aqueduct Trail to Tarrytown.
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