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  1. These things are absolutely beautiful, surprisingly they are very quiet in their operation. @drenyce311 have you had the pleasure of operating one yet? Does operating new equipment go by seniority?
  2. @Steven trejo you are indeed very lucky, when I took the s&d back in June I arrived almost an hour early, but they actually locked the doors 10 minutes before the report time, they said anyone cutting it this close already is not a good sign lol. This is one opportunity I'm not messing around with....
  3. @drenyce311, are you familiar with the parking situation at hillside facility? Is there usually parking on dunkirk? I can just take the 5 minute walk from there.
  4. @Steven trejo @Stevend258 @Iwetoddit one more week until class guys. Hows the pre-studying going? I'm just patiently waiting for it to begin, hard road to get to just this point, just ready to continue this journey and learn as much as I possibly can.
  5. It varies for everyone, it seems like its done on a case by case basis. @Steven trejo was notified 2-3 weeks after taking the s&d, I was notified in 4 days, some were notified after a month. No real method to it, whenever they get time it seems.
  6. Told you bro...from what I gathered in the forum, every Wednesday class is at hillside at 530pm. Saturday class we find out on the first day. That is a tricky situation that you're in, opportunity cost.
  7. @drenyce311 what exactly is the dress code for phase one? How were you guys dressed?
  8. @Iwetoddit did you get the email with the class info yet? If not you probably have to wait for Lucille to get back in the office.
  9. Yes corrective lenses or contact lenses are allowed.
  10. Also don't let the pace of others dictate your pace. It may be tempting to see others finish their exams really quickly. You have three hours, look over your work multiple times with a fine tooth comb. I used all of my 3 hours and I'm happy I did...
  11. She got back to me the next afternoon after taking my medical. I also made sure that I heard "you passed" on both the physical and visual portions of the medical. You're fine brother, if there was an issue they most likely would have let you know. Did you have to keep doing any of the visual portions continuously? If not then don't be worried.
  12. @drenyce311 are we also responsible for the notes verbatim that some of the rules have?
  13. Got 2 pages of rules down verbatim so far, the length of these rules make the definitions look like childs play. I try to learn 2 rules per day while also squeezing in review of the definitions and signals, which would leave me with little to memorize once class begins...
  14. Just recieved the book of rules for phase 1, holy shit!!!! I'm jumping on that asap, damn that's alot of information!!!!! Time to get it done.....😓

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