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  1. Panel interview was yesterday morning. I was just a bit nervous but they do a great job at making you feel comfortable. I think it went well. A small writing portion and some rules and regulations to look over before the interview. Now the wait for phase one begins....
  2. Just a heads up for the signals, keep a sharp eye out for any signal that has the word "approach" in it, it was said at the overview that's where alot of the failures happen, they are all so similar it tends to trip people up.
  3. @Iwetoddit told you brother, one step closer for us.....congratulations..I know exactly how you feel....we started in an open house with 130 people down to 3 me you and @LIRRrailfan. The real studying and work begins now....see you in phase 1 God willing.
  4. @Iwetoddit once you get a call that's what matters, you can sleep well knowing that you passed. They will not call you for any other reason.
  5. Just got my call from H.R. that I passed my s&d.... panel interview next week Thursday. My blood pressure is back to normal now... a huge thanks to everyone who helped me out with their responses and putting up with my impatience...
  6. @drenyce311 thank you very much for the clarification.
  7. @Steven trejo thanks for the kind words sir.
  8. @Iwetoddit you are 100% correct sir, I will just have to sit tight, be patient and leave it in God's hands.
  9. @Steven trejo you said it was 2 weeks before you were notified that you passed the s&d?
  10. @LIRRrailfan thanks for the response. I'm wondering if they contacted all who passed already in the same day or they have a process for contacting them. I'm assuming H.R. did mention anything to you about others who passed? I'm going nuts over here lol.
  11. @drenyce311 could it be possible that @LIRRrailfan may have been from an earlier open house than my 4/6 open house? Thus allowing him to get called in first? I'm being patient but just wondering why they would let one person know they passed and not let the others who passed know as well? I'm almost certain that I got a perfect score and now I may be worrying for no reason, it was only 3 days ago but I'm just trying to use logic at this point. Thanks for your time.
  12. I don't know if anyone would know but do they usually notify all those who passed at the same time/same day? They already notified @LIRRrailfan, I'm just here biting my nails, I was pretty sure I aced it, but you never know until its official....
  13. @Iwetoddit I know exactly how you feel, that's a scary fast response time. Hoping my call is coming soon.
  14. @LIRRrailfan congrats, that was really fast. Hopefully I'm right there with you in phase 1.
  15. No hat, tall guy up front, right in front of the podium

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