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  1. Dont they screen that when you circle which requirement qualifies you during the actual exam like the education or work experience. And doesn’t it mean you meet you meet the minimum requirements if they Scheudled you for the spa??
  2. Yessir! They giving out another electrical helper exam wonder what that means for us.
  3. So got my results for my spa that I took on feb 08 and I passed wonder how long or what’s the next step!
  4. @Kevnyc98 nothing yet also took the spa on feb 08.
  5. @Oxl6665 oh I’m in the process for 9624 exam just took the spa today just wanted to know the pay.
  6. For those in the most recent class what is the current starting and top pay.
  7. I never received anything in the mail. I had called a number after receiving a invalid email from nyct. I was supposedly mailed an invitation to a spa which I don’t understand because never received any info.
  8. CAll this number guys it’s the employment dept for mta transit anything regards list numbers or status updates 347-643-7413
  9. Good luck yo everyone appreciate the info
  10. How long till they start calling from this list 8600 scored in the 500s. Hopefully we all get on.
  11. @Elk N thanks appreciate the info. Since your spa on dec 21 you haven’t heard anything back? Does that mean they give spa without giving out list numbers??
  12. @Elk N how was the spa what did it consist of?
  13. Hey guys so emailed back that Daniel park saying he has sent me my spa results but I replied back saying I never took a spa then had to email examsmakeups@nyct.com and write to them that I was never Scheudled to take a spa and never received a notification. They said they sent an admission letter but I’ve never received anything but now I am Scheudled to take it February 08. So strongly advise you to email them and then call this number If you never heard anything back. cuz this was the number that called me to inform about the date. 347 643 7221. Good luck.
  14. Just got an email that consisted of that same thing took this same exam but haven’t heard anything back not even for a spa what was your score?? Has the scores come out yet ? Received no further instruction. Thanks @Elk N
  15. So the spas are given without receiving a list number ??
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