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  1. Wait so what did the email say about you guys going on the fourth?? There’s suppose to be attachments on them that your suppose to fill out prior to going Monday. One of the attachment is a list of what you have to bring with you for final processing.
  2. You don’t get told which station or sept you report to until training is over which she said should take about a month according to Michelle. But you should know which dept you should be placed in from the email they sent. I’m in the elevator and escalator dept. will update y’all along my process. Just hang in y’all my list was around 140 to give others an idea where they stand.
  3. People came in business attire but you don’t have to there were others like myself with regular clothes on. I went to work straight after so I had my boots on and jeans. They don’t really care tbh. It’ isn’t an interview it’s just a review of all the documents they sent in that email and get sworn in nothing to worry about. Just make sure you have your money order for fingerprints. Has to be money order from usps or the others one they accept.
  4. That’s a good thing if you did drug test and you received the email for background check you most likely going in Monday for the final processing then she’ll let you know when you start. She said there’s an upcoming class in about a week or two right after the class that’s going in the fourth. I went in today for final processing and start Jan 04.
  5. @J3737 it took a couple weeks after the background check. I received a call again from Michelle telling me that there was a scheudle mishap and I’m suppose to look out for email to come in for final processing within the next two weeks for a upcoming feburary class. I was suppose to go in for Monday but was told not to come in and wait for another email for final processing.
  6. Wasn’t given No option for later date was asked if I was able to start the date they gave. wasn’t going to turn away the opportunity never know how long till they contact back if you do defer for a future class. On my letter it says for elevator and escalator dept but heard stories that sometimes you get placed in other depts other than the one that was listed in your offer letter so won’t know until final paperwork
  7. Same here. Also recieved call from Michelle to come in the 28 and start date Jan 4 congrats.
  8. Nope haven’t revived anything yet besides that background check.
  9. Hey guys just a question. I have points on my liscense will this affect me being hired. What experience did you guys have for those who had many points and still got hired.
  10. For anyone who been through the process I have a question. I have 11 points on my liscense but still in good standing according to dmv website will this prevent me from getting hired.
  11. @GhostRiderNYC yeh I’ve completed the drug test and pre employment couple months back.
  12. I just got a email asking for my esignature for background check.
  13. It’s been quiet did anyone recieve any updates.
  14. Does anyone know if having points on your liscense effect you of being hired for the position.
  15. @theleapfrog did you get to know your list number?
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