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  1. I received the canvass email yesterday and just sent it in now so let's see how long it takes for them to send me an appointment date. List# high 18xx
  2. Hey guys for those who sent in their canvass email do I need to full out page 2 which has to do with the appointment? I'm asking because I never received an appointment to come in yet so do I skip this page? Also page 3 is the drug screening notification and asks me for the effective date which would be??
  3. Hey guys what if I don't remember how many credits i got in college?? I went to 3 colleges
  4. It asks me for the date i was asked to come in for my appointment
  5. Yeah there's 16 pages but not all of it can be filled out now.
  6. What exactly from the canvass email do we have to full out??
  7. Yeah I'm 188x and was the machine that left me a message about me receiving and canvass email
  8. Hey guys just got the call and canvass email. Im in the high 18xx. All 16 pages of the canvass have to be completed??
  9. Has any 17xx been called or emailed yet?
  10. Thx for the info....I guess RIP to my flight benefits lol
  11. I wasn't planning on hiding it from them at all lol. The airport is a very flexible job where you can decide to work 20+ hours or even work 5 hours a week. If they allow me to keep my airport job I'd definitely keep it since I know it won't interfere with this job
  12. I work at LGA Airport for AA so I don't wanna leave it because of the flight benefits

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