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  1. I was little late to send the E mail for protest, is it worth to go to protest? What is actually happening in protest? if anyone have experience in previous protest? And Does any one know what were the questions for No 37& 40?
  2. Thank you, just curious what are the other opportunities (except bus operator) if we choose one depot except staten island and queens?
  3. if you wouldn't mind, may i know your listing number for 7612?
  4. I did my drug test today. I was told that I will be called for medical between from 3-90 days . If any one did medical in last few days, can you share your list number(without last 2 digit) and your drug test date with me? Thanks in advance.
  5. I m very new for this Forum. I received an E mail today for pre employment on 18th of April. unfortunately i am in vacation with my family in an other country. Can i postpone my pre employment date after 3 weeks? Or should I cancel my trip and return to home with family? After I read this post, I understand that, After I finish the pre employment ( if i m eligible) I have to wait for the medical and drug test? then wait for training classes? can anyone explain the hiring process?
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