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  1. That's the benefit, I have a decade with a city agency that makes as much a s conductor at base pay. If they take a promo test at t/o and they fail... They still at C/r position. If I take that risk and get a 99% I fail and I'm fired according to the thread and regulations also, Operator experience.
  2. Yea man in on the list for that but I rather start as c/o first and secure that before I be a t/o. One wrong answer a 99% gets hit fired. I wish the would tell this to the public to.
  3. Hey guys, I have another question. How come at times, for example an R terminates at 71st continental, and it takes a while for the conductor to open the doors, why is that? Is there a process that is happening?
  4. I have a couple friends and a relative in transit in different depts, and oddly enough they tell me the same thing. The work environment is very hostile and stressful.. Like a lot. I have a good buddy of mine a t/o, he wants to get out asap and move up and do something else due to the insane pressure. It's like every job out there though to be fair. I'm honestly thinking about it to, I have it pretty good working with another city agency, but I always wanted to be in transit. I'm in my mid 30s now I wish I would of gotten called when I was younger. Have you tried moving up in position?
  5. Stations like Suphtin Blvd and Jamaica van Wyck don't have lights on the stations, hence why I asked.
  6. Hey everyone, I have a random question that I have been meaning to ask. How does the conductor know to hold a train in the station? Are there indicators, or get radio comm from the t/o?
  7. Sounds good, regardless just getting in will be the goal.
  8. What do you suggest to do first, be a c/o first or go straight to t/o? I think I would be a c/o first to learn the ropes.
  9. What do the practicals consists of if you don't mind me asking?
  10. Sounds interesting man, I appreciate the insight. I just made ten years with one of the city agencies and so far so good...(summers off) . But if the chance comes I'll check it out
  11. Hey I really appreciate your reaponse. Yea it does sound really overwhelming and stressful but that's natural I guess. How is your experience so far overall?
  12. Yea man, tough choice to make. I honestly don't know what to do.
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