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  1. What’s your list number if you don’t mind me asking
  2. I’m 8xx and I haven’t been called for a physical yet. Could I have gotten skipped?
  3. What’s your list number I’m in the high 8xx
  4. I’m on the list for 2 exams. In December I went for 7612, April came around and I had to retake the drug test because it’s been over 90 days. May I was down here because I had to take a boss exam for 7612. Now June 21st I had to retake another drug test for 7612. For 7105 I took a drug test bout a month ago also so I’ve been down here quite a few times. They sent me a email 2 days before I had to report to 180 and I work late night so I was quite cranky.
  5. So I’m here for preemployment again... hopefully this wrap up fast. I was here end of April. There’s less people today.
  6. Is there a way I can see if there’s gonna be more classes? Still hopeful for this year at least
  7. I wish I knew, all I know is that I’m 32xx.
  8. I’m here right now. The way this room is packed is unbelievable
  9. For this exam 7105 I had to be skipped because I didn’t have a social at the time. Back in December I came down for 7612 and did the urine. It expired and I had to do the whole process over again In April. May 1st I had to do a boss for 7612. Now I guess the process for 7105 started over again.
  10. anyone know what list number they’re up too?
  11. I’m still waiting for the Boss Results but funny thing because today they called me for exam 7105. I have to begin the preemployment process....yet again lol. Another day of long paperwork and urine test.
  12. My list number is 8xx. I took a medical and just recently took a boss exam for this exam last Tuesday.
  13. I’m just curious, how long does it take to grade a boss exam and if the need for bus operators are high, can they rush results?
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