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  1. i just did my research it was a part time test in 2018....but it was amended in 2019 and its full time i see the confusion lol.....because i would NOT take a part time test personally
  2. yes i did not see part time any where on it
  3. 4600 was extended until jan 2021
  4. i was never called and the mta website says passed pre screening
  5. i post this and get some good info...i get convicted of a improper turn on (violation date 1/3/18) and conviction date 10/11/19......by this time yall already posting test 4600 may be extended (i didn't see it until jan 2020).....so based off this info just restore my name and go down there to 180 Livington in june 2020 when the speeding ticket is gone.....but no i get a legit bogus failed to yield pedestrian ticket (3 points if convicted) by the SAME cop who gave me the improper turn ticket on 11/01/19 smh......i was turning on to 5th ave from 119th st and i was in the closest left lane and the pedestrian had ONE foot in the crosswalk 4 lanes away....and now that may cost me smh.....sidebar i took BO test 9309 in october 2019......so here me out what are the chances i can get mta to put me in a class between 1/4/21 (when ill be under 4 points) and 1/6/21 (when the test expires) ?????
  6. did they get those points after already having the job or before ?
  7. no i dont they come off in 18 months......this is 23 months later
  8. i took and passed test 4600 and i got called back February 2017 i didn't have my cdl yet and my dumb ass got a 6 point speeding ticket in may 2017......i went down to 180 Livingston 19 months after the ticket (January 2019) and they said defensive driving class means nothing and i have to be 3 years removed from the ticket which would be may 2020 and the test expires January 2020.....so does this mean im 100% done for 4600 ? is there anything i could do ?
  9. i took and passed 4600 i got called back February 2017 and didnt have my cdl yet.....i had got a speeding ticket in may 2017 (6 pts) this test is closed January 2020 so it ANYTHING i could do to get this job ?????
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