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  1. I mean that the R32 (In my opinion) will be retired on the same year as the R62/A. The R32's were taken out of service in 2020 (This Year) because of COVID-19.
  2. I think the R32 will be retired the same year as the R62/A.
  3. Hello, you may be wondering, "Why was Trevor day BVE world website deleted?" But to me, I needed the (Y) Train bad! From Williamsburg Bridge to Exchange Place. I don't see the (Y) Train on Openbve Connect. I saw a (Y) Train line on BVEstation, but that was another one from 205th Street to Grand Street. The (Y) Train Route is similar to the and lines by Blue18. I DID see the (Y) Train line on Trevor day BVE World on Wayback Machine, but it didn't let me download. If you have the (Y) Train line by Blue18, PLZ GIVE IT TO ME! Hint:
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