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  1. The Problem is that we are in a Debt with 22$ Trillion Dollars, which makes Infrastructure Projects Extremely Expensive.
  2. Cuomo is the Worst Governor ever, I Hope he loses in 2022 election to either Chris Gibson or Mark Molinaro, Molinaro should have won election 8 months ago. This is all Rigged.
  3. NYC is failing very badly since DeBla**hole took office, it is very possible we are returning back how it was during 70's and 80's. NYC has now Less Affordability, More Crumbling Roads, More Dog Shits and Dog Piss on the Sidewalk, Banning Smoking indoors, Increase Tax Hikes on Cigarettes, Very Stench smell from the Sewers at Guggenheim, Train Derailment in 2017, Crumbling Subway System and etc. This shows DeBlasio is Screwing this CIty up. I Don't like Trump at all but i could pnly agree with Trump and the Conservative Republicans on DeBlasio for being the Worst Mayor in the City he's much worse than David DInkins, Abraham Beame and John Lindsay. DeBla**hole is a Liberal Democratic Version of Donald Trump. This City has become a Shithole thanks to Bill De Blasio. like what @MHV9218 said Bill de Blasio's aka Warren Wilhelm's legacy is the death of bikers and the rise of circling, polluting Ubers, Lyfts and other Car Culture in NYC plus the decline and collapse of transit use.
  4. It is all DeBlasio's and Cuomo's Fault for not handling NYC Subway System very well and this is reason why more and more New Yorkers prefering Cars over Mass Transit due to MTA's Failure, also DeBla**hole and Cuomo's Failures as well of not handling MTA and the NYCT Very Well. NYC is failing very badly.
  5. Bill De Blasio Vision Zero Policy is a Disaster! Of Course Most New Yorkers prefers Cars over Mass Transit. I Love Cars.
  6. I Hate Ben Carson but this is the Only Thing we could agree with this Idiot on.
  7. I've seen more R46s Trains than R160's Train
  8. Where's my Post about 500 Islamophobic Hate Crime this Year in America which i posted on this thread 7 hours ago?
  9. Cuomo and DeBla**hole only cares about their own interest not People's Interest. I Would Prefer Molinaro or Nixon as Governor, Also I Would Prefer Eric Ulrich as Public Advocate.
  10. I Wish America gets more High Speed Rails, according CNBC they're not High-Speed Rail according to their Standards.

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