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  1. Arsons and lack of ridership like this is the reason we need more Cops in Subways, RIP to the T/O. 😢
  2. those cars will automatically be scrapped since they were destroyed by the fire.
  3. Bernie is not as strong was he was back in 2016, he is showing weakness and lacking capacity.
  4. that means phase 2 of SAS and ESA will be dead? smh
  5. Corey Johnson is Pro-Bus Expansion and he is also Pro-Cuomo, I'm Also blaming Corruption and Lobbyism for High Construction Cost.
  6. Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders must nominate him as Secretary of Transportation when either one of them got elected.
  7. Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders should choose Andy Byford as Secretary of Transporation.
  8. Yeah, Thanks to Corey Johnson for killing expansion of rails in NYC in favor of Buses.
  9. DUDE, DO U READ MY COMMENT WHAT I SAID??? I SAID I NEVER SAID R160s will definitely return back to Coney Island Yard BUT THERE IS 50/50 Chance since ALL R211s ARE ALL CBTC EQUIPPED TRAINS.
  10. extremely rate for an to use NTTs after CBTC??
  11. Exactly, I'm not saying R160s will return back to CIY when R211s arrive but I'm saying there is 50/50 chance. we will will see and we are not sure tbh.
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