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  1. No agency is allowed to discriminate due to age.
  2. Wow those 6 weeks just flew lol Good luck to everyone. I decided not to go to the open house that led to this phase. Decided to stay at NYCT subways.
  3. Sorry I didn't have time to answer, but it is best to study the definitions because you have to know the exact definitions.
  4. They're supposed to send a study packet. That packet also contains what will be on the exam. That will be sent no later than July 6. The first email they sent contains the application and duties and responsibilities of a locomotive engineer which you should've gotten already.
  5. Did you confirm your attendance via email? If so they'll send you a study packet
  6. Good luck guys. I'm preparing myself for the metro north locomotive engineer exam
  7. Hey all I just got an email inviting me to take the test for metro north locomotive engineer. After the test, what exactly are the steps towards employment?
  8. Hello all I just got invited to the next exam? What's the process after the exam?
  9. Oh I was told the panel interview and physical was on the same day.
  10. The panel interview is after the medical/physical exam or before?
  11. I have the experience that MN is asking for. Just hope I'm selected
  12. I have almost 5 years as a train operator plus other experience they require. Hopefully I'm selected for the next exam.
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