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  1. That's pretty counterintuitive already. Even 8 car 75 footers have less doors compared to their 60 foot counterparts, last thing you need is to reduce the length. (which is something that will backfire badly)
  2. I was on that set on Monday evening
  3. Seems like the riders from 96th to 63rd are bitching about this
  4. I've seen that happened many times as I used to take the 60th st tunnel on a daily basis.
  5. I saw 2 sets of R160s yesterday....and then a plethora of R68/As on the
  6. With the type of technology we have now there should be NO excuse for this kind of mayhem.
  7. and yet people insist that my 2nd semester for senior year doesn't count for much...Have not missed a day in school (for the academic year) yet.
  8. So what happened to the 20 cars that were pulled out?
  9. Coney Island yard. No doubt about that.
  10. Hello. Hopefully this is a welcoming environment in which I can share out my thoughts freely. 😀
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