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  1. ok got you thanks, just for my own clarification the 18months, 2-3 years educated guess from april, is that from the time we took the test or from when you posted on april? . i got a 91 on the test but iam hoping wont be called until march-april 2022 as i am doing ok for now in current job and i have a few things that i need take care of until then. with 9604 it took about 10months from establishment of list to people receiving emails to get things ready for appointment so if your educated guess is right for creation of list and if they start to only call 10 months after you would be correct
  2. any updates on where they are with the previous lists? and what is an updated educated guess for when the list is to be created for exam 9618? back in april Young said up to 5 years then few months ago said maybe up to 3 years. what about now? any changes or is it the same? thanks
  3. To take the cdl permit test in NY, when do we need to get the medical examiners certificate complete? do we have to get it done and bring it with us when going to dmv to take the permit exam? Thanks
  4. Are any questions from the Cdl book going to be on the exam like airbrake and endorsement questions? or only civil service type questions.?

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