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  1. I understand the confusion many have with OMNY proposals and current Select + implementations. MTA use of Select + on many but not all lines was to decrease passenger dwell times on lines like the M86, M79, M60, M34, M23 and Q44 where there is no replacement of a limited service. These lines are the only services is most corridors, this in turn makes the select bus service branding ineffective and waste of money because there are no other services that need be told apart from. Other then the fact that you have to pay before you board the only thing useful that the select bus service branding has brought so far is bus lanes, which alot of the times with no enforcement is useless and maybe TSP. OMNYs purpose is partially, ALSO to decrease dwell times, which in my opinion could have saved millions of dollars on these particular lines. I think that those lines that i mentioned should've never have been SBS branded.
  2. I could confirm this , as i took the picture of this visit or delivery. This was around 3:00 PM
  3. Deadheading to south ferry from 147th street is a pain in the ass trip to start from tho thats worst then the deadhead trip from Quill to 125th for the M35. I think the DOP would want the depot to be somewhere in the middle of the line atleast but Tuskegee and Quill can't handle all of the M15 Local and select alone. MCH shouldve been built to handle more buses.
  4. If that's the case, they need to raise the cap for those buses on the Q44 to 45/50.
  5. Correct, I caught 5991 on the M14D East bound at roughly 7:50 this morning along with one other SBS XD60 with TU stickers. Thanks for the information!
  6. Is Tuskegee unwrapping buses for the M14 Select ? 5991 and one other TU XD60 is currently roaming about unwrapped.
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