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  1. If you're open competitive the A Division is a way better introduction to NYCTA. Later on in your career you can pick over if you desire to. Don't let ATS scare you. A or B division always assume the train and the signal both have a data recorder operate and behave accordingly. You will save yourself a ton of grief down the line if you set a high standard for yourself initially in your career. Also if you're in the A, eventually you will learn that ATS does some funny things that are a nuisance. Nothing to be scared of.
  2. There's a lot of racism at the MTA also. There is racism everywhere in our society. Treat everyone the way you want to be treated and you will be fine. Life isn't always fair, but as individuals we can make it better. With that being said, anyone on the fence for FDNY or TA, it's your decision. Different type of job, different type of calling. Don't go to FDNY because you get a better schedule, that's not the reason. Don't become a T/O because it's not as dangerous or physical, that's also the wrong reason.
  3. 1. You're posting. You shall be guided by whoever is posting you. The T/O has to work with their partner. 2. Stop putting everything you encounter daily on this forum.
  4. As long as you throw a flag for having it, neck size and BMI readings, you're a candidate and they will put you on hold.
  5. For all you folks that are marginally overweight, or suffering from slightly elevated blood pressure or high sugar levels, and have not been called yet for medicals, might want to make some serious lifestyle adjustments for several reasons, now. First, you don't want anything to delay your employment. Sleep apnea, diabetes, etc. handle it before they call you, find a way to adjust your lifestyle, turn a new leaf, now is the time. Second, you will gain weight. School Car stress, rotating shifts, long hours, long commutes, it will take a toll on you and your health. Want a edge over all your classmates and coworkers? Develop a healthy lifestyle now. It will help you stay awake and focused during training and your career. Now is the time to do it.

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