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  1. To all you hopefuls and choosing divisions, if given the option, your choice should be based solely off location and commuting.
  2. Let's see what they learn from this order moving forward. Both divisions will be desperate for more equipment within the next 5 year window. SMEE trains in both divisions are closing in on 40 years old. Hopefully the next delivery will be that of a more durable product.
  3. The purpose of station time is to bring you into the station or close to your leader train. It will only be in effect if you are following a train. Grade time is used to enforce speed in area such as a curve or grade. Once you encounter a "T" you are entering a grade time area. These signals are supposed to clear within 25 feet of your train if you are entering the grade time/station time area at the posted speed. From your experience you will realize the majority of these signals are flawed and with time you will learn how to navigate these areas. As a new train operator you will be extra extra. I do not suggest you challenge these signals and follow your school car instructions on how to handle these areas.
  4. The signals are faulty don't challenge them. One shot timers specifically are counter intuitive of optimal operation.
  5. It's a adjustment process. Takes awhile. Like I said, it's what you make it. Give it time, you'll find stability. Everyone is different.
  6. Ask them to switch your tour, see how that works out for you... doesn't hurt to ask. You'll reason eventually that this line of work is bad for your health unless you're proactive. Long days of monotonous work, trains that are most likely giving you motion sickness you just don't realize it yet, lack of hydration due to limited bathroom availability, poor work-life balance that will impact your family and socially isolate you from the world, all while being surrounded by disgruntled coworkers and leadership that have no business in this line of work. It's what you make it.
  7. Let's say you have 00:00 report. Eat a hearty lunch. Get home around 9-10 AM. Have a light breakfast, such as maybe yogurt and fruit and go to sleep. Wake up 6 PM. Work Out. Have a snack, nuts or something light. Get ready to go to work and repeat. My advice is that if you are on PMs or midnights, plan on waking up 5-6 hours before your report going to work and getting 7-8 hours of sleep after you come home. I know being XX or XL the report times aren't always stable and this can be difficult but I guarantee you can stick to this regimen at least 3 times a week. It is my opinion that PMs as a XX C/R or T/O is the most difficult tour to work because it is the longest.
  8. The midnight tour is what you make it. Some people love it. It depends on your outside life. If you have the luxury, plan on getting 8 hours of consistent sleep each night. Blackout curtains and some sort of ambient noise (perhaps a fan, for example) drain out distractions. Pay attention to your diet. Heavy meals will make it difficult for you to sleep and will be detriment to your overall health long term.
  9. Lots of refreshers going on also.
  10. Yup and no remedy to easing congestion on the Lexington Line such as CBTC. Even southbound gap fillers @ USQ are responsible for a tremendous amount of congestion.
  11. It's the ridership. 5 is about 27 minutes Southbound Dyre to Mott (express E180 - 3/149) then another 27 minutes to Grand Central. That's on the AM tour.
  12. Most likely and retrofit them with a diversion valve so they can go into both divisions. Makes sense.
  13. Honestly you never really get the right type of training for passenger service. Train operation is very subjective. You post mainly to learn the line and interlockings, not to perfect your operation. It takes years to be remotely confident, don't let anyone's ego fool you. Don't let this stress you out.
  14. I have a feeling all civil service tests will be extended, not just this one.
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