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  1. Yes it's most likely a giant pause, and eventually when everything is over I suspect they will extend a lot of civil service lists, not just for this title.
  2. If you're content with the salary you are receiving now and it's in a stable industry I suggest you stick with it. Time off is nonexistent on this job and the first 5 years are rough. Think about it. There are many aspects of this job and NYCTA that are different than most civil service titles.
  3. Don't get discouraged. They'll hire if they have to.
  4. Remember it's always less expensive to pay overtime compared to hiring additional employees. I surmise the cuts will mostly be in stations now with the roll out of OMNY.
  5. It's like @mediccjh said, patience is key. That goes for anything down here. New folks seem to be more confident with tech trains but they can be extremely deceiving. It's hard to put your confidence into blended braking, and you must always exercise caution, especially in wet weather. @MarkGuy You made it this far, you'll be okay.
  6. When you wind up road posting, let the trainer do the first trip. Watch them take brake. See how they release, observe the station, ask them what they look for when they operate these trains.
  7. Nah man relax this is a very difficult piece of equipment to operate. People 20+ years aren't comfortable on those trains. Same goes with the R62 in the A Division on the 3 Line. Rough trains.
  8. For anyone who is eligible for this promotion, don't pass this up. This is probably the most valuable titles in RTO for future promotions, whether to Train Operator or Dispatcher especially.
  9. I think it's too late for that, or any kind of development in terms of expanding rail in NYC. The future of public transportation in this city will consist of the addition of dedicate bus lanes and select bus service. It has the least amount of impact in terms of construction, no issues with using eminent domain, and cheap and fast to institute. It's the quickest band-aid solution.
  10. Meh I think in this particular institution it's irrelevant. Railroad, maybe, but not here.
  11. I think Andy Byford was disappointed, I do believe he put on a show for the media because deep down inside he knows there is little hope at this point. Honestly. Let's be realistic. Enough with the contractors. Until they make drastic cuts on service including long term suspensions to sit there and get the work done it will never work. They haven't proven otherwise. They won't. 7 line has 20 year old equipment now. Parts of the flushing line are going on 100 years old. 22 stations terminal to terminal. Over a billion dollars invested. It really doesn't run a billion dollars better than it did before. Major improvement was the additional capacity of the R142a/188 (whatever you want to call it ) over the R62a. Yes I'm aware you can run a extra service because the run time is shorter now. Doesn't look reassuring when you have multi billion dollar capital program but the contractor never tested for snow accumulation.
  12. T/O or C/R? I know they were looking for C/Rs to transfer over to the B. Good luck.
  13. Of course. But look at this save seconds initiative they have. All this effort and extra supervision to speed up service and test signals that they've determined are outdated, not working as designed and can't handle the type of service they desire to run. They're investing into a handicapped signal system I figured they'd invest in these trains a little bit too. I've kind of had enough of the band aid remedies RTO is trying lately. Supplements are maximized and any incident that happens (which is almost daily) brings everything to a complete standstill. The IRT is a prime example of that daily, especially on the Lexington Line, Eastern Parkway, and Nostrand Junction.
  14. They're not train operators they are Locomotive Engineers. You can't compare the two titles/crafts. Also people look at the money but they have to do 30 years to retire and are subject to a lot FRA that train operator/light rail operators aren't. Everyone at RTO loves to compare themselves to the railroad and it is far from.
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