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  1. This job is not for everyone, but if you're determined, apply yourself, work hard, ask questions, keep a positive attitude, you'll make it. Also for anyone getting drafted into the A division, don't be discouraged. The A division has less equipment, less reporting locations and a easier road to learn. However the operation is more precise with tighter headway's, smaller stations, and ATS. Great place to start as a Train Operator. You can make a move later on in your career if you desire to. You have 25 years.
  2. Yeah I heard about that one. Honestly I blame management for this one. It's a clear sign of how recklessly they crew up. Yes, I know the employee should of notified supervision of YX status.
  3. Why does everything on the internet have to be justified. Seems to be a common "rebel without a cause" syndrome throughout this thread.
  4. It's not a secret, it's not a issue with MTA employees or cops but civil servants in general. If a Target employee flips you off on their way home are you going to get all bent of shape because your feelings are hurt? The conductor didn't physically assault you, he didn't remove you from the train, at the end of the day nothing happened. @Fan Railer You knew exactly what your intentions were when you posted it. You even mentioned it yourself along with their advertising campaign and labor relations.
  5. If this was a random passenger flipping you off you would of most likely edited that part out, even if you won't admit it. As I stated before, nothing good came out of this, so why bother?
  6. I just read this recently. You shouldn't of posted it. You'll learn later on in life as a adult, taking the high road is more rewarding when the outcome is the same. This disgruntled conductor for whatever reason might of gotten a reprimand for foolish act. So what if he's a jackass? Nothing good came out of you posting it. Nothing good will ever come out of it. You're still rail fanning. He still works there. The world goes on. Just as if you wouldn't of posted it. Your Eric Gardener/Pantaleo analogy is pathetic and demonstrates your immaturity.
  7. The lack of activity on this thread is reflection on the TA's effort to modernize the system. CBTC will be irrelevant by the time testing would begin on the Lexington Corridor.
  8. Yeah if they can't drop the cost of the ticket and subsidize it heavily it won't work. The commuter budget buses are drastically cheaper with slightly longer travel time while the airlines are around the same cost of the railroad with tremendously faster travel time.
  9. This should be pinned. You won’t learn this in school car. Great post. Thank you for this.
  10. Truth. Improper operation. Stop train. Test pilot valve.
  11. One of the best. I tell school car students you can always learn something from everyone. When you come out to the road, you'll encounter different TSS's and Dispatchers, so give everyone a chance and be open minded.
  12. You won't be able to use your phone for anything. Drill until you're comfortable. Everyone is different. Don't get too overwhelmed initially if you're not grasping or retaining all the material verbatim. It's a lot easier to memorize something you understand and that takes a little bit of time. Patience is the name of the game here. Lots of material in a very short amount of time.
  13. Not really that much money if you think about it.
  14. Good luck. Be proactive in keeping your health. Stay away from fast food, soda, sugar, etc.
  15. R62 & R68A braking package needs an update otherwise this is probably the best equipment transit has ever had it's a shame they are not investing into it.

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