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  1. The 1-year probation is usually only for jobs within your agency. So say you're in customer service with LIRR but you find a job at Hillside, you won't be eligible if you haven't made it off probation. But if you apply for something with Metro-North, for example, you don't need to be off LIRR probation. As others have said, NYCT is completely different. Wages are lower too and there's less room for moving up. Take it if you're keen on it but it will be a lot harder to get back in with LIRR if you left before finishing your probation.
  2. Get a note from your doctor and include it with your forms and a written explanation from yourself. I've heard of people getting rejected from safety sensitive positions for some ridiculous reasons (OSHA compliance, of course), but you have nothing to lose. I don't think high blood pressure is an automatic DQ. If things go south after getting hired, you can always bid for a non-safety sensitive position - most of which pay a lot more.
  3. Not that I know of. Anything they're hiring for will be on the website. A lot of jobs have been taken down in light of the whole restructuring thing going on at the MTA. Interview - February Initial BC - April Conditional Offer & Final BC - May Hired - June My job isn't safety sensitive, so there isn't a physical test, which expedited the process. According to others that I work with, I was hired extremely quickly. Others took upwards of three years.
  4. I got hired for MNR but I assume it's mostly the same process. The first background investigation they'll ask you to complete is employment/education. Put everything in as accurately as possible as they'll get your exact position title and work dates from your previous employer and they'll match it against what you reported. Most previous employers don't specify whether you were fired or not, reasons, etc. But still, be honest. I was honest and told them I was involuntarily terminated from my previous job (even though they didn't tell them or give any reasons), with the exact reasons, and still got hired. Being honest goes a long way with MTA, lying is a sure-fire way to end any possibility of landing a job with them. Once you pass that stage, you'll wait a little longer until they're ready to hire more people for the position. At that stage, you'll be asked to complete ANOTHER background investigation, which checks on your criminal history. Again, be completely honest. I know a couple ex-convicts who work with me, so having a record isn't a dead-end. I had no history so it wasn't an issue, but I can't speak for others. All I can tell you is to be honest - it's a very thorough investigation and they will find out if you lied. Even if a record has been sealed or expunged, they will find out, and you need to report it. Once that's done, all you have to wait for is your offer letter, and you'll officially be an employee for one of the biggest transit agencies in the world. Good luck!
  5. Hi Everyone, I live on Long Island and I'm going to be starting a job at Metro-North in a few weeks. Wondering if any current MNR employees could help me out here. With the ID card that I get from Metro-North, do I get free rides on LIRR or would I have to continue purchasing monthly passes? Also, do I get an employee Metrocard? Thanks for the help!
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