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  1. Yeah makes sense. So if I get a good list number for MTA Bus I'll probably take it and deal with having to go to brooklyn or wherever and stick it out, and try to get to NYCTA whenever I can. Does it take long to get a CDL permit? Like should I be doing that stuff now? Or waiting until I see if I'll even get called for this
  2. Thanks for the replies guys. Sucks this one has no Staten Island places, but I'll see what random list number I get and go from there. I think I just missed the NYCTA test a couple months ago? Does anybody know when the next test for that will be coming up? Is that one that I would find on DCAS? I check that pretty often but haven't seen it coming up
  3. Hi guys, I signed up for exam 9309. I was reading through this thread to try and get a little more information. So from what I'm understanding, this isn't going to be like a test and then you get a list number. You will just get a random list number around October, and they will call off of that to take the BOSS exam? (Is this easy, sounds like it's just simple questions?) Also I didn't know there were difference between MTA Bus Company and other tests. 9309 seems to be MTA Bus Company. I live in Staten Island right now. Would I be able to get into a Staten Island depot possibly with this one? I could probably stick it out for a couple years if I can't get into Staten Island right away, but obviously being closer to home would be best
  4. @+Young+ Hey I see you post often on these forums, I've been looking for a thread for exam 9309 for a couple days but I haven't been able to find any. I signed up for this exam the other week. Was there going to be like an official thread for that exam? Or could I ask a couple questions here
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