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  1. Any updates i called Down there to let them know I’m eligible now to come in they said they will call me or mail me a letter when there is jobs ... Anyone know when the next class is ? And how Long is this wait gonna take ?
  2. My random list number is also 3000+ I’ve received the pre employment letter May they’re also calling of the exam after this
  3. Hey I’m from exam 7105 i went Down there and my license was less then 3 years old so i have To call back in November time will go by super fast
  4. Congrats ! Thanks for the information
  5. Hey question how far were you from the 3 years at the time ? I’m in the same position don’t make 3 years until November.
  6. I was called for pre employement but not have the full 3 years as yet ? How far where you away from 3 years and what did they do ?
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