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  1. Don’t expect anything soon I’m in phase 2 and they cancelled our training for now
  2. Telling you man enjoy this time between don’t rush this process
  3. Yeah deff enjoy the time you have before phase one starts because once you get that call you have no life
  4. Yeah man same to you and yeah it sucks but if you don’t put the time in you won’t pass can’t wait to start operating
  5. So we started off with 16 had two drop out and we had 11 pass today
  6. I wouldn’t go off of anything on quizlet cause everything changes I would just wait till you get into phase one and Lucille sends you the stuff to start looking over my recommendation when you get that packet you start right away because when you get the real book of rules in phase one you will understand why just keep up with signals and definitions
  7. Thank you brotha any tips or just study our asses off
  8. Can we also use the timetable to ride as well I usually just show them the email and they don’t bother me about not buying a ticket
  9. Been studying as much as I can just can’t wait for it to start
  10. Oh boy haha thank you for all your help man hoping to someday get to work with you
  11. We don’t learn all of them in phase one right ?
  12. What did they say at the place after your exam
  13. Yeah I had mine yesterday was told right there that I passed then got my email like and hour later
  14. Can anyone tell me how long after phase 1 phase two comes because I am supposed to be going on vacation in December
  15. You will man just gotta be patient such a long process
  16. I got my phone call yesterday as well physical is set up for September 4th class September 18th
  17. I was in your class I took the test in May passed then had my interview was told there should be a phase one in September
  18. Yeah I could imagine that too Hopefully we hear something
  19. Has anyone gotten called for phase 1 that’s supposed to start in September ?
  20. Congrats again man I’ll just keep looking for that email
  21. I’m hoping so man 🤞🏻 And congratulations who was the email from so I know what to look for

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