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  1. Hey everyone, word of advice, if you have taken the boss exam within the past year let the Mbstoa know, the email that they sent you has a link and instructions on where and how to transfer your results which will allow you to sit this exam out. For me they responded the next day, which is great, so everyone still has time!
  2. Hey guys I’ve been reading up on other forums, and I was wondering since they gave the BOSS exam the same day as the 9618 exam, are they attempting to expedite the process of hiring ? Just so that will be great, I do have patience so I don’t mind waiting, but I would love to start driving buses, I’ve wanted this job so bad for a while, couldn’t do it in my 20s because my license issues and now that I finally put myself in a position to do so, I’m itching to get started lol
  3. Thanks @+Young+, one last thing, In terms of arrest history and conviction history, I have no Felonise, nor have I been to Rikers. But I did have several arrests, most of them for Operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license, and two for possession of marijuana in my teens. Anyway all that stuff is in the past and cleared, my 4 year abstract I have no suspensions and I only have two points. I heard that NYCT is a civil service so they are a little stricter, just wanted to know what are my chances? Ive been clean for years(from weed) and I live like a hermit now.
  4. Has anyone noticed that the amendment letter for the license requirements say it’s for MaBstoa, I was wondering if this b significant because I was considering taking their exam for bus operator, sign up is at the end of the month
  5. I had my license suspended a few times, in August my latest one will be removed from my DMV abstract and I’ll be clear, should I even bother taking the exam?
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