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  1. I definitly understand bro when i was 20 i had no idea what or where i wanted to be career wise so its great your tryna jump on this oppertunity now and i hope you do get in regardless of license issues.Regardless I think were all gonna have a long wait till MTA makes there next calls due to the corona outbreak going on in the city.
  2. You should really read the notice of examination befor saying that, I copied and paste this from the notice of examination. "Driver License Requirement: At the time of appointment, you must have a Motor Vehicle Driver License valid in the state of New York with no disqualifying restrictions that would preclude the performance of the duties of either title. If you have serious moving violations, license suspension or an accident record you may be disqualified. This license must be maintained for the duration of your employment in either title" becarefull what information your giving out not to confuse anyone, the condition of your license does matter but it all comes down to the discretion of MTA at the end of the day.
  3. Wow that sucks bro..hate when these agencys do things like that. Luckily im not in a hurry to leave my current job cause its pretty laid back but definitly look at other options bro.
  4. I just got put back on the list also from what i believe they will definitly call us again but im not sure in what sequence this time around. But be patient no telling when the next time there gonna be calling just gotta wait it out with MTA.
  5. ‭(212) 669-1357‬ last when i called couple weeks ago it was up to mid 500s dont remember exact #.
  6. I actually reinstated my name back on mid december so i know i definitly wouldnt been called for that class. What section did you get put into?
  7. When did you take your drug test? I just reinstated myself back on the list i couldnt take the job back in august for personal reasons but now im good tryna see when was the last calls made out.
  8. I agree i have a small family vacation planned in july but if they call befor that i would have to scratch that off my to do list.
  9. Hopefully we will be in first set of classes if all goes good but im more worried about med holds cause guys on the forum say they put you on med hold for any little thing..which in returns slows your process down which sucks cause now you have to call your doc to book a appointment then getting cleared and bring paper work back could be a couple weeks depending on your docs schedule.
  10. We just gotta be patient fellas there probly sorting threw all the drug test results and i guess once thats sorted out the calls for Med will go out. Just gotta pray we dont get a med hold and all should be good. What range are you guys list #? im in the late 200s a friend of mine is in the 80s.
  11. The people that he told to come back for missing documents did they at least get to take the drug test? Or do they have to come back to do the drug test as well after there documents are all situated?
  12. I have a recent speed trap ticket will that count against me? Or do you mean tickets that require court appearances to plead guilty or not guilty?
  13. Nice..what boro does he work in and what shift does he work?
  14. Whats going on fellas im new to the forum found the site trying to find some info about transit electrical helpers... I took the 8611 exam just like most of you and did the SPA back in November and just got called for processing as well and just recieved my letter in the mail for probable permanent position as well in Elevators. Is anyone here currently working in elevators that can give a little insight on what the daily process is like for the guys in the Elevator division? And what to expect?
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