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  1. @nipaaaa yea I’m doing that hopefully it doesn’t set me back. Thanks
  2. I got an email today stated I would be disqualify, because I don’t have in my resume that I done any kind of electrical work. But I did do some work as an Electrical Helper, I worked with an electrician for a little while and I still do from time to time. I’m sick to my stomach right now hearing that from them. I just can’t catch a break.
  3. @JohnW....There’s no electrical questions, the only electrical question when I took it was just a simple circuit, basic staff. The exam is mostly reading comprehension. When is that exam?I thought MTA cancelled the up coming exams till further notice.
  4. @Dordonez18 did you have a chance to called them? I was removed from the list I had to go put my name back on it a few months back, last time I check the list they were up to the last person on that list. My list number is in the 100s. I’m not sure if they were open during this pandemic.
  5. Hi everyone I just receive an invitational email today to report to an open house for the “assistant conductor trainee” do I have to email them back to let them I’ll be there?
  6. Smh. I feel your pain @Oxl6665 I been off the list since June according to them, which make no sense cause I was on hold went back to do my first drug test July 02. But I just got the confirmation letter confirming my name back on the list now all I can do is just wait. I hate answering numbers I don’t know...LoL, I save the number they called me on the first time, I hope that’s the number they will used when calling again.
  7. Still waiting on this side, don’t know for how long cause I had to go get my name added back on the list last week. Sucks, but patient is the key when dealing with city jobs.
  8. Anyone know when is the next class expect to start..also I just got put back on the list I was taken off because they said I missed a medical appointment is there any chance I get a call on the next call up from the list? My list number is in the 100s.
  9. Anyone knows the number to call to find out what number they’re up to in the list. Thanks
  10. These never reply to emails, I sent an email over a month ago I still haven’t heard back.
  11. @Sam26 thanks for the advice, I sent an email I’ll just wait and see if they get back to me.
  12. I was contacted back in May to come in for pre employment, but I had a pending traffic ticket so they sent me home that day. They told me to handle the ticket then come back. So I was able to get my court date moved up for that ticket I got it handle in July, I called em back they had me come in and do the drug test. But I haven’t heard back from them since then, you guys think I should call to find out? Cause my rank was in the 100s..
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