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  1. I’m currently in school car that started 6/10 & I’m number 150X.... so they’re currently hiring in the 1500’s
  2. Lol! You get it on your first day & can begin using it that same day. Word of advice from the TSS: do NOT put the ID/pass in the machine on the bus, cuz ur screwed if the machine swallows it or it gets stuck. Good luck to you & congratulations!
  3. Sat towards the back, all ladies at my table. I had on the Gap hoodie by the window
  4. Lol didn’t get to pick! Got placed in A! 😂
  5. I’m here already lol. Good luck to you & everyone else starting with us today!
  6. My boots are scheduled to arrive tomorrow, but I won’t be home cuz I’ll be at orientation, so idk how this is gonna work
  7. It’s supposed to be. Don’t stress it, long as you followed the rules, you’re good! Good luck today! You there for medical?
  8. Thanks! I was able to log in & order today.
  9. I have no idea. Gonna attempt to order today
  10. UPDATE: I was sworn in yesterday & start on Monday! Thanks for all the advice you guys!
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