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  1. yea that guy was funny. I think the 401/457 is a waste. Id rather take the money and invest it myself. U cant even collect it til ur 62 or 63. Disappointed about the tier 6 pension plan, it sucks. That 15k cap OT towards pension is ridiculous. u can only retire with around 45k as pension after 25 yrs if ur planing on staying as TO. hoping our union fights to get the same benefits as tier 4. Im thinkin about joining PD after a year (after probation), cuz they dont have that crazy cap towards pension. The job, the pay, and the people are all great, but that pension is killing it for me. I really want to stay. just hoping they change that b4 i leave. i dont care about the 3-6 percent contribution, TAKE IT, but dont mess with the pension payout. I dont think div B has less signals than A. It has to be the same. the book may say that but i think u will still learn em.
  2. 8/22 class?? u mean 8/19, u sure ur sworn in for T/O and not C/O?
  3. I doubt anything will happen for the rest of this year, its going to be pretty quiet til next year late winter/spring probably.
  4. relax bro, every1 passes the exam, its not difficult at all, u gotta be really really dumb, cuz ive seen TOs who passed the exam that are not intelligent, and i thought to myself how the heck did they become TOs. a while back when i was a clerk, ive met and talked with alot of TOs, CRs, and BOs. I left my other job as soon as i passed medical and now im just chilling.
  5. I was debating whether i should do pd or not because i was being considered for the October class but pd is not like it use to be. Its still a great opportunity though. I have an uncle and 4 cousins who are in pd, my uncle is a detective in intel and is about to retire, one cousin just turned sgt, and the other 3 has at least 2 years. Pension is great, benefits are great, but they mess around with your pay for the first few years until u get ur top pay. Overtime is limited also, i think its 40 hrs every 3 months max. What i like about PD is that theres a vast amount of depts; if u dont like one thing u could move to another dept, with transit u cant, ur options r limited. ur either a conductor, operator, dispatcher, or supervisor.
  6. im not saying they stopped hiring, im just saying most likely they wont hire anymore this year. yes of course there is still a shortage, but also they are on a budget, they cant just fill the shortage all in one go. they could only hire soo many in a year. im sure many of you will get called but it will take some time. mta is just a bit slow on hiring because they just dont have the resource to quickly replenish the shortage. some1 said b4 that there was a hiring freeze for all except bus/train operators, conductors and so on, this could be the case cuz they're trying to focus on filling up on the shortage. just be patience.
  7. you sure about the button down shirts? i have a few friends that wore polo shirts and they said it was fine. maybe it depends on ur instructor.
  8. medical was good, didnt have any problems. i thought i would since my bmi is slightly over 35, but my neck size is 16.5, and the doc said im good. we wouldve known by now if there will be a sept class. and there wouldve been more PE. correct me if im wrong, but PE stopped in the 1300s, so im guessing they're done hiring T/Os for the year.
  9. You will definitely be called. I'm surprised that you did not get your medical email this week. 100% sure next week then. They usually email 20-30 per week.
  10. WOOOT!!! I was sworn in yesterday for August too. List #116x. I saw the sheet of how many T/Os doing medical yesterday which was about 5 ppl. Did not see any1 doing PEs, it was just straight medical for every1. No mentioning of any future classes and i believe August class is, more or less, halfway full. I don't think there will be another class til next year.
  11. how do u get in touch with ms vargas. ive left 2 messages and no call-back
  12. your next for sure, im 116x too and i got my email today.
  14. Most likely next week, the rate looks like 30 ppl per week, so im guessing highest this week would be 1140s, then next week 1170s. Im right near ur number.
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