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  1. The eastbound stops on Sanford Ave remain as pick up locations for the N20G. They were not actually removed. The eastbound Parsons Blvd stop was completely removed. The westbound stops were removed completely so the N20G buses would have to drop off at the next stop. After the N20/21 service was changed to the N20G the westbound stops no longer indicated “drop off only” even though NICE bus recognizes them as so.
  2. This is posted on mta.info: Planned Detour Effective Friday, Aug 9 Q12 bus stop adjustments for the introduction of articulated bus service The stops listed below will no longer be made, please use nearby stops along Sanford Av and Northern Blvd. Eastbound discontinued stops: • Sanford Av at Bowne St • Sanford Av at Parsons Blvd • Northern Blvd at Auburndale Lane • Northern Blvd at 190 St • Northern Blvd at 196 St • Little Neck Pkwy at Northern Blvd Westbound discontinued stops: • Northern Blvd at 245 St • Northern Blvd at 196 St • Northern Blvd at 172 St Stops discontinued in both directions: • Sanford Av at 160 St • Sanford Av at Murray St • Northern Blvd at 248 St Eastbound stop adjusted at: • Sanford Av between Parsons Blvd and Bowne St (midblock) Stops in both directions adjusted at: • Roosevelt Av near Lippmann Plaza For Q12 service on Roosevelt Av at Main St, please follow directional signage to the current Q26 stop in front of Macy's.
  3. If they tried to do this on 34th, 57th or 125th Street where would all the bridge and tunnel motorists go? It would be too obstructive. Maybe they should do this on Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg to speed up the B62.
  4. The question is does every single Q27 and Q27 Limited bus have to stop at QCC? Maybe only the Q27 Limited should have higher capacity buses and board on Springfield Blvd and not enter the campus. While the Q27 local has the standard buses and makes the additional stop at QCC campus. This is one idea similar to how the Q44 SBS and Q52/53 SBS are set up. Unfortunately the same problems NICE bus has with articulated buses will exist in Queens.
  5. In Manhattan I constantly observe almost empty M15 and M15 SBS buses during off peak hours. I am sure every route with higher capacity buses has down times.
  6. The NYC ferry and express buses both have high operating subsidies compared to subway and commuter rail.
  7. The only local lines in Queens that use Arctics now are the Q10 and Q111. Yet even the Q10 gets standard buses sometimes. The other lines are SBS. I am sure once they will debut on the Q12 they will experiment and pop up on the Q27 and some other lines. I also wonder if the CNG version of the Articulated bus will come to MTA Bus for the Q25 and Q65.
  8. My thoughts about the B38: 1. The bicycle lane which omits one driving lane on Dekalb Avenue has been there for some time. There is now only one driving lane out of four similar to Nostrand Avenue on the B44 SBS. 2. If the MTA and DOT want to create a B38 Select Bus Service there will be the problem of putting a bus lane down Dekalb Avenue in addition to the existing bicycle lane. I believe that one side of parking along Dekalb Avenue will be in jeopardy should a B38 SBS plan be implemented and there isn’t another solution to reroute the bicycle lane.
  9. Some changes have already occurred on Sanford Avenue regarding the Q12: 1. A one way westbound bicycle has been placed down the entire length of Sanford Avenue and the double yellow line running down the center has been shifted resulting in narrow driving lanes. The eastbound buses especially have a harder time pulling out of the stops. As an avid cyclist myself I am not a fan of this bicycle lane given the number of buses that pass through this street and happen to prefer Barclay Avenue. I am assuming when CitiBike gets to a phase 4 or 5 expansion they will come to Flushing and compete with the taxis and buses in Flushing. 2. Bus stops have begun to be shifted. For instance the eastbound stops at Bowne Street and Parsons Blvd have been consolidated mid block and cars are already getting tickets. There are other small bus stops such as on Murray Street where large trees prohibit bus stop expansion. This is one reason the Q12 and N20G should just go down Northern Blvd with all buses ending at Great Neck LIRR. And maybe send the Q13 and Q26 down Sanford Avenue instead to eliminate the Q12 short turns at 165th Street. It may even boost the productivity on the Q26 and save it from being cut due to the low residential density it currently serves.
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