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  1. 4791, 4794-4799 are they at UP or still somewhere in the BX ??
  2. The XD seem to hold more people with the seat configuration then the LFS.
  3. For Canarsien very rare will you find anybody that gets on before Remsen going pass the for Flatbush junction. The B60 is the option for service as the is about 10-15 vs 25-30 going to Flatbush in Rush Hour or the B17 I almost never seen anybody ride from Rockaway Parkway to Flatbush in the morning for subway service . The problem with the B6 is the streets are narrow and the 40FT are at capacity so more buses is not the answer.
  4. Could Hilton be In line for The extra 60FT? the 1 is long over due. The 25 should be looked at also Springfield is murder .
  5. They never really test equipment correctly hence they whole Hybird Debacle. The XE should have test In all Boroughs under normal conditions if you intended to run it anywhere in NYCT. It’s not rocket science and you are most likely right, but if you know this board they will call Shit Water Hennessy 🤷🏾‍♂️
  6. The B40/B78 were pretty good before the merger despite having to transfer for Ralph Av service. The B40 was down the block from ENY so runtime was smooth never waited long it seemed. Now the B78 not so much you would be lucky to catch it from a connecting line very erratic run wise but also smooth line.
  7. Your the one that works at new flyer right ????
  8. Didn’t start the off topic and I clearly made a statement and moved on with it so tag the right person thanks a lot bro 🤷🏾‍♂️
  9. You really think that huh lol ok I’m leave it be now.
  10. That all it really balled down to is political as usual “Buy New York “Orion part 2 smh.
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