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  1. 7287 has a slant is the strip Good Shots.
  2. With a few modifications I think UP could fit a 60FT bus.
  3. Some of these are not moves either don’t quote my post if not done on the entire board. Very aware of the situation this is not GH didn’t get the last part of your post.
  4. They don’t understand how much politics plays when it come to NYC, they believe the MTA is really in control 🤷🏾‍♂️
  5. Don’t have one I definitely touched yours tho 😭😭, get your clout on my friend. That the reason I only post 10 times I learned don’t talk common sense on here. My last post to you don’t wanna send the grown child into a frenzy this is off topic.
  6. Obviously after the first comment I got that, thanks for the head up though. Very missing leading info as you can’t register a vehicle with out a VIN commercial vehicle are not exempt either. so even being at the vendor which was stated would mean they are built already?? Unless we have ghost buses. I don’t care just stating the obvious overcompensate of egos on here with lack of real information. You are winging it just like the foamers you consistently try to attack for asking questions or making opinions.
  7. Not to mention the B82SBS is not busting at the seams so it’s no rush.
  8. Theoretically they could ask the DOT to use Broadway between Malcom X & DeKalb. I know sending it to the Bridge is not need that would been my only other choice, can’t wait to see what they come up with.
  9. People rather get shafted by the MTA didn’t expect support it’s a shame.

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