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  1. 7090 might be out for a while accident on this morning on the B65.
  2. 1244 & 1247 were In the Bronx this morning that a crazy dead head
  3. You add to much service to an area that does not need it the B103 can handle Av M the BM2 runs on M also. That part of ocean is very notorious for traffic Jams that will only delay the B49 killing any time you saved. Gateway does not need any buses from Southern Brooklyn it has the B82 which the very few people that want gateway use already. The B23 does not need to go to Canarsie nobody is taking the bus to bay ridge from that side of Brooklyn and plus the B6 or B82 will get you there already. SB you forget that Glenwood Road is a block north of Flatlands you move the B6 now you force everyone on the already unreliable B82LcL.
  4. The B6 & B103 does not need combine service take the B6 off Glenwood is pointless. The B19 maybe if you sent it to Crown Height you won’t pick up that many people at Rockaway for E 80th service. The B49 is ok if you find a replacement for Rogers Av even though that part of ocean does not really need a bus. No transit on New York av will not work and why is there so much service to JFK it’s overkill same with Gateway.
  5. They are not the only ones with info or common sense you know don’t believe everything out of moderators mouth. Y’all are really clout chasers thirsty to break info or be the first when it’s drivers or SLD giving you your info as well 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️ SB the common sense is the height restrictions on the DD that does take a rocket scientist to know. So he may not have your “official” word or who ever he used his common sense as most garages can not house a 12+ High bus.
  6. If this board is still around see me In 7-10 years the inter works of NYC are still the same I don’t see those station leaving. I could be wrong just don’t see it a lot of face cards on the line something NY is known for.
  7. Sounds good on paper ultimately political will have the last say on those station being decommissioned. The amount of money invested makes it hard to just up and get rid of them NY has not changed that much yet.
  8. You really think JG/WF/CP/SC are decommissioning their CNG stations?? I highly doubt it’s the end for CNG. You might see the end of straight diesel(Outside of Express for now) & Hybrids though.
  9. Here comes the fair beater campaign, this is not a surprise the outer boroughs network is outdated. As for the B6 the B103 plays a major part it a little quicker to Flatbush junction and less stop.
  10. That is most the board 🤣🤣🤣 nobody leaves there neighborhoods but know so much.

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