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  1. Just got the call for final processing next Tuesday coming up.Will be in the Nov 25th class
  2. Pending drug test,I had to take a third one since it was expired,they said I should make the 25th class
  3. There saying i should be in the 25th class but that's pending because of the third drug test I had to take yesterday depending how long that takes to eat back hope so .
  4. It was a quick day that day I did my medical and another drug test and was out by 1300.Best of luck!
  5. Awesome will see ya there bright and early!
  6. Update on my end,i got medical coming up this tuesday the 12th,i apparently missed a medical on nov 2nd which they said they sent an email which i never received(checked spam and all).She said if medical goes well next class is Nov 25th.Cant stress if you feel something aint right,CALL CALL CALL these folks up.List 12*1
  7. If there that desperate why are folks going for premployment 4 or 5 times
  8. Backed up lab all day,we did all out paperwork by 1130 we didn't get in the lab till after 1700
  9. I'm going to be going on my third soon unless they call for a medical in 2 days which I'm sure they ain't,I'm going to have to go for another drug test, hopefully third time's a charm.Best of luck to you .
  10. Don't quote me on this but they didn't ask for it,I brought the hard copy with me just in case.
  11. Long day and a drug test and they go over all your paperwork,make sure to have any tickets you have cleared up also.I was there for 13 hours last time in the beginning of October and that was my second premployment already.Bring lunch.
  12. Sometimes I get so baffled the way they call,when. You call the office they say they hired up to 95*, and there only calling folks from the 70* still.Also folks from the 15*0 getting called for premployment.Lol I guess patience is a virtue,just don't understand.Im 12*1 with premployment twice already and it's looking like a third time coming.

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