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  1. Just like this gentleman said.Drive slow.Dont worry about that paddle.Probation for me was clean,I had one ride at 8 months,not sure if I had any undercover rides,was never told.Started in Manhattanville and finished over here on Staten island .What I also did was being able to keep the same run on probation.If you can that's what I did.Ans always use those mirrors,they will keep you out of alot of trouble.
  2. Hey all made my year yesterday,clean off probation now.When I popped that brake last night and got to the yard it was just a weird source of pressure and anxiety that left my body .If any of you new folks need any help or any advice with anything don't be afraid to reach out to me.I was here bothering @+Young+ last year and he was the biggest help through alot it stuff.Thanks again for all that help .
  3. I was slapping myself in the face for not getting my cdl before I got called for transit,but in the end as long as you study hard for that pretrip,which is the worst part of the test in my opinion you will be fine.Transit teaches you all the tricks while your out in eastchester practicing.
  4. 14 more just started 9 for Yukon and 5 for the castle,not sure if they were transfers,most likely though
  5. Congrats!As said above don't be discouraged going on to 8-9-10 if you have to.Keep your heads up and best of luck
  6. Tell your classmates who drove school buses to throw that out the window and go in there like they never drove a bus at all.Best of luck to you guys
  7. I ended up going to day 8 and 9 and passing then ,you got till day 10 if you don't pass by 8 and 9 being if you pass on day 10 you only get one shot at the road test for the cdl instead of 2 shots if you passed on day 7 or ,,8 and 9.Just go in there thinking positive and don't let the supts get to you,some of them can be rough.Read read read your books
  8. Just to hop in here,when I did the paperwork I had a moving violation I paid and didn't list it,and they came back to me and had me list it on the paper work during my 7 day training.I was at the understanding of it was paid not to put it,but you have to put it down if you were convicted
  9. How many options did they have just out if curiosity,when I picked mine it was 3 Manhattan and one Bronx
  10. Yeah man I just got my transfer to Staten island also,doing line training all over again.Was on my own in Manhattan for about 3 months.It was fun !
  11. Very well said.It sure was quite the experience,hang in there buddy.You got this.I was a day 9 guy.
  12. Get there real early,I was getting there by 330 400 to get parking,there's a school bus company there once they start coming it's a wrap.I would just sit and snooze till it was time to go in.
  13. Best of luck sir if you have any question feel free to shoot me a message,I was in the 11/24 class and been out on my own for a while now.I should still have the stuff pretty much fresh in my head
  14. Not sure about the neck size,they do the reflex test with the little hammer and i didn't notice them doing any scar hunting
  15. Depends on how crowded I was there for 7 hours when I went.There going to check everything,blood pressure,ekg, glucose,eyes,measure your neck for sleep apnea if it's a certain size. You'll take some surveys,questions if you got back problems ,if you snore etc stuff like that .
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