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  1. MTA portion you don't have to open anything, basically looking for leaks underneath.State DMV test for the license they may ask you to look at the engine,it all depends on the examiner,you need to go in there knowing that's whole bus inside out.The MTA will teach you how to parrallel park,offset parking and backing up.Day 6 they take you out downtown to see if you qualify for day 7 and they take you where ever they want that day .
  2. My day 9 training started up in up town Manhattan and went down close to Harlem I forget the exact streets it wasn't a bad circuit It's easier than downtown in midtown like on day 7 and 6
  3. Hey all after a long journey from getting the call back in august for pre-employment in which i had to go 3 times for throughout the months,today i finally finished training out at eastchester depot and secured my CDL license.As my class was appointed on 11/24,its now 12/26.Its a long journey,mentally and physically being in different boroughs at different times throughout the training.As for the 10 day MTA training,its tough.When you go from never driving a bus before and you have your own regular driving habits they go right out the window on day 1.I passed the training on day 9,i didnt make it on day 7 as when they drop you in midtown on day 6 in the middle of rush hour its a whole different ball game.Things i stress here, read the handouts that @+Young+ has throughout the forum here.Be ahead of the game because everything in those handouts will help you through the whole thing.Also if you can,get your CDL before you get called.It will eliminate a whole headache because your then worrying about you 10 day training and then your worrying about studying that whole undercarriage and engine for that CDL test.My brain was spewing out the last month.If anyone has any questions you can shoot me a message,i start my line training up in Manhattan tomorrow.
  4. Parking was great I got here 2 hours early just in case,we on lunch now,thanks @+Young+
  5. Just finished final processing and been sworn in,class starts on 11/24,I'm guessing due to Thanksgiving that week.
  6. Just got the call for final processing next Tuesday coming up.Will be in the Nov 25th class
  7. Pending drug test,I had to take a third one since it was expired,they said I should make the 25th class
  8. There saying i should be in the 25th class but that's pending because of the third drug test I had to take yesterday depending how long that takes to eat back hope so .
  9. It was a quick day that day I did my medical and another drug test and was out by 1300.Best of luck!
  10. Awesome will see ya there bright and early!
  11. Update on my end,i got medical coming up this tuesday the 12th,i apparently missed a medical on nov 2nd which they said they sent an email which i never received(checked spam and all).She said if medical goes well next class is Nov 25th.Cant stress if you feel something aint right,CALL CALL CALL these folks up.List 12*1
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