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  1. I was called for pre employment on 8-2-2019
  2. That's it time to go into full grandma mode while driving now,figured this would happen to me while I was in the process of this lol.Thanks again Young
  3. Thanks for the long explanation,much appreciated,I'm not playing games with it as soon as I'm able to pay it once it's in the system I am going to,I was going to go a fight it to try and get the points reduced since this is my first ever ticket driving a these years but I don't know if it's even worth it honestly.Ill just drive like I'm driving a bus for now on simple as thatHave a great weekend my friend.
  4. Hey so I ended up getting a speeding ticket last night ,how does this work after going through premployment,do I need to contact mta and let them know ?I got no other points I believe this is going to put 3 on my license now.Going to try and get it removed in court for driving over 20 years without any tickets
  5. I'm trying to figure out because a guy I know that's on the job now from a different test he had like 4 drug tests before moving on to the next step,what's the point in having us come down there unless there ready honestly.
  6. Im 120*.Will definitely be checking the emails and phone thanks my friend
  7. So I just got done with pre-employment,did all the paper work,they took urine and told me 3-90 days now,I'm guessing thats till they call you for medical.
  8. Hey all I got an invite for pre employment at the end of the week,what doe sit consist of I'm guessing the physical,drug test etc?
  9. Thanks just wanted to check and make sure
  10. Anyone know what list number there up to on 7612?One guy on the phone telling me 802 and another telling me 1302 and I'm in the 1200 bracket.

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