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  1. Here's my Bronx Tram System: https://drive.google.com/open?id=18NHwrP-Y3xCLjkjnhc0VyHPb8ZthWKZr&usp=sharing Runs Siemens S70. Runs as a streetcar on the street. The only exception is the West Bronx Line between Tremont Av and Kingsbridge Rd. @engineerboy6561 @Via Garibaldi 8 @OrionVIIonM79 @danig1220
  2. I meant would it be DMUs or would the line be electrified. Also, why not route the BxQX via the Whitestone Bridge?
  3. I really like this plan. What is the rolling stock on these lines?
  4. Bronx Light Rail: https://drive.google.com/open?id=18NHwrP-Y3xCLjkjnhc0VyHPb8ZthWKZr&usp=sharing All lines are streetcars except when they do not run on streets, those are LRT ROWs. Runs Siemens S70. Thoughts @Via Garibaldi 8 @Collin @Theli11
  5. True. New plan: (X)(Y) runs Siemens S70 runs Siemens Avenio
  6. Mostly streetcars, except when on streets with bus lanes, where the bus lane becomes a streetcar/bus lane Thoughts on the plan?
  7. : But, Union Tpke is a block away from 73 Av, which is less busy, which means less delays. Also, Forest Hills has WAY more ridership than Middle Village (Y): no, people just change at Jewel Av for the A Whitestone-Rosedale line would be too long and unnecessary, as most SE Queens Residents are going to Jamaica. The few that aren’t can just transfer from the the (X) or (Y) at Jamaica. Thoughts on the ?
  8. Here's my revised East Queens Light Rail: 5 lines: (X)(Y) https://drive.google.com/open?id=1j9orLSQvatWLmff-bWbUMxZMxLJHlW1H&usp=sharing Fleet: Stadler Desirio DMU Thoughts @LaGuardia Link N Tra @Collin @Theli11
  9. True!! In all truth, a 11-car platform would have its northern entrance on 27th, and southern on 25th, so 2 blocks to 23rd is nothing.
  10. Yes, but then no direct Queens College service That would require boring tunnels which is super expensive. Better to just have a passageway to 23 St.
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