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  1. I have proposed a Queens TramLink as a joint effort with @WillF40PH. This incorporates many abandoned lines (as @LaGuardia Link N Tra @R68OnBroadway and others have proposed) , as well as new ROWs along many underutilized streets. This is a frequent, not-that-expensive to build system that would run on a frequent basis, allowing a vast expanse of Queens to have rail service that is environmentally friendly, very useful, and cheap. Please see @WillF40PH's post below for the link to the doc and map.
  2. I saw an Instagram post of 20803 on the 158 (coincidentally the same day I caught 9619 on the 158!)
  3. Yes, I was considering that. Thoughts on the routing? Thanks for the comment about Princeton, had no idea! with The 614R and Rt1, Keep in mind this is bus rapid transit. The stops are in the median, unlike A regular bus. However I would be open to changing the routing what do you think would be best? Add this is BRT it HAS to run in a highway median. But this would be full service lines! there would be BRT passes and that’s how you would pay. Yeah Getting on at most of the 171 stops is risking your life! This however would be in the median!
  4. Harrington Park: more of a transit center than a full blown terminal. Bay Ridge: It was originally going to be just a Bay Ridge-Bayonne tunnel, but it would carry subways from St George to Bay Ridge, hence the stop in SI. It could be a rails-by trails solution, that is quite a wide ROW. Tappan Zee: so build a new approach - I thought that it would be ok with Light Rail trains (that is a LRT line) Bayonne: What would be a better solution?
  5. Changed the permissions! Thoughts on the routes? BTW, the frequencies would be: 614R 10BPH 615R 6BPH 616R 10BPH (some short-turns at Trenton) 617R 6BPH All the rest is outlined in the doc.
  6. Hi all, Please see the Central NJ BRT proposal linked below: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rzGG3VVEdDdUrqGvDrRnkC4SXxCnLnBccscCMymN0Qw/edit# Thoughts @B35 via Church @LaGuardia Link N Tra @S78 via Hylan @Cait Sith @T to Dyre Avenue @Q101 E Midtown?
  7. They don't run in loops. Which loops are you seeing? BTW, what should the service patterns be, do you think? see below vvv Ahh ok.
  8. Why do they have to run in loops? Ok, understood. But, wouldn't it be cheaper to use the High Line? Could it not even work if it had track connections to the Atlantic Branch?
  9. Ok. Those look like 25-fters. I've been to Riverdale (and have friends who live there), and I think that 35-fters could work. And then you could run electric buses (Proterra BE35s)
  10. I finally finished my NYC Regional Metro Map!! Yay! Here's the link: https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/edit?hl=en&mid=1lv3yCmRBFUWwFeuOSRyZ3vv9aTY4b8ZE&ll=40.89638287706388%2C-73.88160290112717&z=12 I added A LOT of new lines, thoughts anyone? (NOTE: this is in addition to the takeover of the inner LIRR branches, as @bobtehpanda suggested. This map DOES NOT show that takeover. Just new lines!) Thoughts @Jsunflyguy @LegoBrickBreaker101 @gtNovaBusRTS9369?
  11. Thanks! DO you know if they are 20' or 25' long buses?
  12. Hi all! Quick question - which buses does the Hudson Rail Link use? How many of them? and what are the fleet numbers? Any insight? @Via Garibaldi 8 as you use the service, do you know? Thanks @Jova42R
  13. Those were Saddle River buses? Correct me if I am wrong, but didn't they have a few 2001-3 buses?
  14. Yes, I have. Thoughts on the redesign (and the Light Rail)?
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