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  1. What buses will replace them? NGs? Novas? Xcelsiors?
  2. When/Will MHV get replacements of the Orion OGs?
  3. Not sure if this is related, but a few weeks ago, I saw an R179 that i think should've been assigned to the up at Bombardier's plant. Should be in service by now.
  4. No, that is just a fantasy map i found, i think some of the lines in there are good, some are bad.
  5. Could I have a destination sign done? to Little Neck to Wave Hill to Wave Hill Uptown & Northern Blvd Exp 5 Av/University Av Local 5 Av/University Av Exp Queens late nights; no service all times late nights and weekends; no service Take Downtown to 34 St for Take
  6. MQ Train: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1-R_7Nsc2pUsDBbP8Qg2V6eiYEQW0NulS&usp=sharing Metropolitan Av Local 12 TPH M-F 8 TPH S-S 4 TPH Late Night
  7. I was just on the , and in the tunnel between 103 and 110, I saw an R142A on the southbound track. Are R142As coming to the ? Or was it a that for some reason was running on the line? What is it?
  8. I think so too, but the only alternative is google my maps, which is no good either
  9. 6 Av Local/Northern Blvd Exp 18 Av Ditmas Av Church Av 7 Av Jay St York St E Bway Delancey-Essex 2 Av Bway-Laffayette W4 St 14 St 23 St 34 St 42 St 47-50 Sts 57 St 66 St/5 Av 66 St/5 Av 72 St/5 Av 72 St/Park Av 72 St/2 Av York Av/72 St runs via 36 Av 31 St runs via Northern Blvd Broadway 94 St 114 St Flushing - Main St Utopia Pkwy Little Neck Pkwy (K)
  10. 8 Av Exp/Northern Blvd Local Red Hook Union St/Columbia St Kane St/Columbia St BBP Pier 6 Whitehall St Thames St Brookfield Place Chambers St Canal St W4 St 14 St 34 St 42 St 59 St - Columbus Circle 5 Av/59 St 66 St/5 Av 72 St/5 Av 72 St/Park Av 72 St/2 Av York Av/72 St Roosevelt Island North runs via 36 Av 21 St 31 St 38 St runs via Northern Blvd 45 St Broadway 62 St 74 St 81 St 87 St 94 St 100 St 108 St 114 St Flushing - Main St Parsons Blvd 154 St 162 St 167 St Utopia Pkwy Francis Lewis Blvd 206 St Bell Blvd 220 St Douglaston Pkwy Little Neck Pkwy continues in next post
  11. What are the best routes from KB or GH to see Nova LFS 40 footers on?
  12. Once, I saw 2866 on the S89! How common is it for MCIs and Prevosts to be on local routes?
  13. What re the requirements to be changed to a 'senior member' or 'veteran member'? Also, how do you become a moderator?
  14. Ok! Are they on any other branches? And what station on the FR Branch is the best to railfan at.

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