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  1. What do you mean? Its a chat. If you want to leave, you can. My parents can comment on what I post, pretty sure thats totally ok.
  2. Yes, @BrightlinerNewFlyer I created, then forgot the password to, so i started using this acc. @R32-DTrain is an account that my parents created. It is totally seperate from mine.
  3. The W77 is technically an express route, just like the BXM4C. so maybe run suburban buses? In terms of New Flyer, could they build a suburban XDE40? or would it be a coach bus (a D4000CL or D4000CT maybe?)
  4. even the 4C? I thought that it did! Yes, the XDE35s would replace all O5s except the BXM4C. Ok, yea I thought not. So their fleet will consist of entirely XDE buses (and whatever replaces the Orion 5s)?
  5. As many of BeeLine's buses are nearing the end of their lives, I thought that it would be a good idea to compile a list of (what I think) are the best replacements for these buses. The current fleet is (soon to be retired in red, not retiring soon in blue😞 2004 OBI Orion V 05.505 2006 OBI Orion VII 07.501 OG HEV 2009 NABI 40-LFW HEV 2018-19 New Flyer XDE60 2003 Neoplan AN460 2005-6 Orion V 05.501 Transit 2008 Orion V 05.501 Suburban Most of the fleet is soon to be retiring. Hence, here are the replacements (replacements in green): 2004 OBI Orion V 05.505 New Flyer XDE35 (1st choice) Alexander Dennis Enviro200H 33 ft (2nd choice) Gillig BRT HEV 35 ft (3rd choice) 2006 OBI Orion VII 07.501 OG HEV New Flyer XDE40 (1st choice) Nova Bus LFS TL40102A HEV or Nova Bus LFX TL40102A HEV (2nd choice) Gillig BRT HEV 40 ft (3rd choice) 2009 NABI 40-LFW HEV New Flyer XDE40 (1st choice) Nova Bus LFS TL40102A HEV or Nova Bus LFX TL40102A HEV (2nd choice) Gillig BRT HEV 40 ft (3rd choice) 2003 Neoplan AN460 577 will be replaced by 322, an XDE60 2005-6 Orion V 05.501 Transit New Flyer XDE40 (1st choice) Nova Bus LFS TL40102A HEV or Nova Bus LFX TL40102A HEV (2nd choice) Gillig BRT HEV 40 ft (3rd choice) 2008 Orion V 05.501 Suburban MCI D4500CTH (1st choice) Nova Bus LFS TL40102A HEV Suburban (2nd choice)
  6. Surprisingly, they still list the D4000CL on their roster as well. I doubt either bus will sell well.
  7. Once I rode the entire Hudson Line from Croton to GCT in the cab, and the conductor didn't even bat an eye. Although I didn't blow the horn.
  8. @davemackey @553 Bridgeton Will NJT get any D45 CRT LEs or not?
  9. I can't access it. I'll also post a screenshot.
  10. Ok. Would it utilize the Wards Island Bridge or not?
  11. yea true. Still working on that map,so hold on. One MASSIVE flaw, however, is that for the Queens span of the RFK and the Wards Island Bridge is that they are really only wide enough for a single track. With the RFK, sure, we could widen it, but not sure about the Wards Island. The Wards Island bridge is 12 ft wide, that is wide enough for two just-under-5-ft-wide tracks, but are there trams that are less than 6 ft wide? because the maximum you could have safely is probably 5.5 ft.
  12. I know lol. I was just wondering what company's buses they would use, and the MTA was the only company that I know of. With which company? Yeah, ole boy is simply being fanatical & not being realistic with that.... It's like an entrepreneur having lofty expectations of starting up a business with establishments in multiple locations in the busiest parts of the city or something...... Money costs money. I know that these buses are more expensive, but we need to save the earth. I recently watched a documentary that showed how the world will be a dead place soon if we don't switch to the greenest of green energy. diesel is dying. electric buses are the future, and we need to embrace them.
  13. I stand corrected! (Its all artics right now! (http://bt.mta.info/#m35))
  14. I proposed this as an a while back, and let me tell you something: There isn't gonna be a subway tunnel north of 86th anytime soon. There is an active fault line right there (hence why SAS is a deepbore tunnel). However, using the Wards Island Bridge as a subway or LRT bridge, then connecting either to Astoria or the South bronx isn't a shoddy idea - you'd just have to figure out how to put trains on the RFK bridge (with LRT, this isn't a problem, you can widen the shoulders and put the trains there). Also, where would the Bronx end of the line go? I'll post a map of what a "Triboro" LRT could look like soon (my Bronx branch would go to Yankee Stadium, as that hits all the major hubs of the South Bronx)
  15. Does anybody know what the schedule is like for any of the private carrier routes operating out of the GWB Bus Terminal? @DCTransitFilms @davemackey @553 Bridgeton @B35 via Church @Lawrence St do you know? thanks for the help!
  16. Meaning they would borrow MTA equipment?
  17. I'm assuming the 60-ft electrics are XE60s? What about the 40-fters? Also, are XDE40s/XD40s or Novas replacing most of the NABIs? And what will replace the suburbans? Nova LFS Suburbans? Also, is NJT getting any D45 CRT LEs? (maybe D45 CRTe LE models?) What will replace the 31-ft NABIs? I can only think of the following options: Alexander Dennis Enviro200 Grande West Vicinity Gillig Advantage Low Floor Gillig Advantage BRT What artics are replacing the NABIs? XD60s?
  18. I'm no expert, but I think the 's acceptance facility is Zerega.
  19. @Via Garibaldi 8 @LaGuardia Link N Tra I think that ideally, the buses should be as clean-energy as possible. This leaves the following options: FULLY ELECTRIC (IDEAL OPTION) BYD C9M (40 ft long) BYD C10M (45 ft long) BYD C10MS (45 ft long, double decker) MCI J4500e (45 ft long) Nova LFSe+ Suburban (40 ft long LOW FLOOR) DIESEL-ELECTRIC HYBRID (SECOND CHOICE OPTION) MCI D4500CTH (45 ft long) Nova LFS HEV Suburban (40 ft long LOW FLOOR) CNG (THIRD CHOICE OPTION) MCI D4500CT CNG (45 ft long) MCI D4000CT CNG (40 ft long) Nova LFS CNG Suburban (40 ft long LOW FLOOR) I'll post some routes that these lines should run on soon.
  20. Well, the Nippon Sharyo DMUs are built to be easily converted to EMU service, but idk about the M9s. TBH, all LIRR and MNRR trains should be DEMUs, preferably the STADLER FLIRT.
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