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  1. Could either of these work? the Bx7X Rush hour express of the the MX1 express run from Downtown to Harlem see map for more. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1AQi1N2KUvrvdu_WA2wRwms_WOwggw_9f&usp=sharing
  2. next: - a train on the bay ridge branch hits the support of the Brighton Line at avenue H causing the complete closure of avenue H station and the line there. - signal problems at Canal St make all trains not be able to pass canal - a train runs past a mis-set switch, then stalls, causing the complete closure if Wall St Station (no turning at Wall) reroute:
  3. True, it could. But it runs in a loop, so the one way streets don't matter.
  4. BTW, these were not taken in 2013, my camera's date stamp is wrong. Featuring R179 , R160 , R160
  5. As with our What's Faster in the Subways, here is one for buses! I'll start: What's faster from LIC to Forest Hills? Q60 to Q23 or Q60 to QM12
  6. What is faster from RIVERDALE to BOROUGH PARK? to to to to to to MNRR to to MNRR to to to to to to to to to MNRR to to Or something else? SOLVE!
  7. I've also made a map for Central Queens Bus Routes: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1zAbJNWo8HghIvErhDwgtRUGoKxOsYSHV&usp=sharing QT23 similar to Q23, slightly different Forest Hills routing East Elmhurst to Forest Hills runs C40LF QT98 new route Ridgewood to Kew Gardens runs XN40 QT64 modified Q64 Ridgewood to Kew Gardens Hills runs LFS QT72 replaces Q72 LGA to Ridgewood runs XD60/XN60 QT85 replaces Q38 Corona to Glendale runs XD40 QT4L new route Rego Park/Forest Hills/Kew Gardens/Middle Village loop runs LFS QMT143 Forest Hills Express runs D4500CT runs all times Thoughts on this?
  8. Here is my proposal for the Forest Hills/Rego Park routes: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1zAbJNWo8HghIvErhDwgtRUGoKxOsYSHV&usp=sharing Thoughts?
  9. BM6: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1nvDUmUsaqMEv5n78LmQCZcunzilgUO9D&usp=sharing
  10. SIM12C and SIM12X: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1rupOQqHxdcEphn_PzFbk4hF0Aaw8zR3_&usp=sharing
  11. should be cut, and the should run via the H Hudson Pky to Downtown. should be merged with the B32/Q100 (QT1) route, having a Rikers Island to LES route, dubbed the BQT30. Some rush hour trips should operate express north of 181, dubbed the Bx7X. SB Bx7X: via Riverdale Av, right on 235 St, left on Netherland, right on 232, left on HHP service Rd, enter HHP, exit 14, left on Riverside, right on 181, right on Broadway, follow route NB Bx7X: via Broadway, left on 181, right on H Hudson Pkwy, exit 18, via Irwin Av, straight to Riverdale Av, follow route.
  12. Forgot to include this in my original post -- but also, does anybody know if there is a retaining wall between the two, and if you can see underground from the trolley kiosk at 59th and 2nd? Thanks @Jova42R
  13. Ok, so implement a special system on the where if you pay at the M98 stops, you only pay $2.75
  14. The 's Inwood section should be merged with the M98, IMO
  15. link: https://piskel-imgstore-b.appspot.com/img/8c22a378-506c-11ea-9ab6-6d1eaf87bd43.gif link: https://piskel-imgstore-b.appspot.com/img/86626407-506c-11ea-af67-6d1eaf87bd43.gif ENJOY!
  16. The does not run to Downtown. Also, it starts in Riverdale, and goes via the West Side. It's a replacement to the .
  17. Does anybody know if you can see the old Queensborough Bridge Trolley Terminal from the trains as they are going through the 60 St Tunnel? I saw on this track map that it is near the tunnel, but does anybody know if you can actually see it, like you can with the Williamsburg Bridge Terminal at Delancey-Essex?
  18. I say have 3 runs: 207 St to Bay Pkwy (signed up as the ) 207 St to 168 St on 168 St to Jay St on Jay St to 4 Av-9 St on 4 Av-9 St to Coney Island on Coney Island to Bay Pkwy on Bay Pkwy to 96 St-2 Av (signed up as the ) Bay Pkwy to 36 St on 36 St to 57 St-7 Av on the 57 St-7 Av to 96 St-2 Av on the 96 St-2 Av to Jamaica Center (signed up as the ) 96 St-2 Av to Lexington Av-63 St on the Lexington Av-63 St to 47-50 Sts on the Reverse Move at 47-50 Sts 47-50 Sts to Forest Hills-71 Av on the Forest Hills-71 Av to Jamaica Center on the
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