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  1. I meant would it be DMUs or would the line be electrified. Also, why not route the BxQX via the Whitestone Bridge?
  2. I really like this plan. What is the rolling stock on these lines?
  3. Bronx Light Rail: https://drive.google.com/open?id=18NHwrP-Y3xCLjkjnhc0VyHPb8ZthWKZr&usp=sharing All lines are streetcars except when they do not run on streets, those are LRT ROWs. Runs Siemens S70. Thoughts @Via Garibaldi 8 @Collin @Theli11
  4. True. New plan: (X)(Y) runs Siemens S70 runs Siemens Avenio
  5. Mostly streetcars, except when on streets with bus lanes, where the bus lane becomes a streetcar/bus lane Thoughts on the plan?
  6. : But, Union Tpke is a block away from 73 Av, which is less busy, which means less delays. Also, Forest Hills has WAY more ridership than Middle Village (Y): no, people just change at Jewel Av for the A Whitestone-Rosedale line would be too long and unnecessary, as most SE Queens Residents are going to Jamaica. The few that aren’t can just transfer from the the (X) or (Y) at Jamaica. Thoughts on the ?
  7. Here's my revised East Queens Light Rail: 5 lines: (X)(Y) https://drive.google.com/open?id=1j9orLSQvatWLmff-bWbUMxZMxLJHlW1H&usp=sharing Fleet: Stadler Desirio DMU Thoughts @LaGuardia Link N Tra @Collin @Theli11
  8. True!! In all truth, a 11-car platform would have its northern entrance on 27th, and southern on 25th, so 2 blocks to 23rd is nothing.
  9. Yes, but then no direct Queens College service That would require boring tunnels which is super expensive. Better to just have a passageway to 23 St.
  10. Yes, it'd be a tunnel under the LIE, a viaduct would recieve mass opposition I fully agree! Maybe also extend it to 26th St (at the end of the tail tracks)?
  11. Felt it was better to serve that area, I'll change the map That's my Jewel Av Line (See above)
  12. I can now accept bus drawing requests! Post below to request!
  13. Hi all! I have learned how to draw (somewhat) good bus drawings! Examples are below. Please request the drawings in the following format: Bus Type - Front Sign - Bus Number - Company/Livery Thanks! (Columbia University Nova Bus LFS #2143) (Columbia University New Flyer Xcelsior XE40 #2994) REQUEST AWAY!!
  14. Thanks! Would Fresh Meadows be better served by light rail as well? Maybe instead of a Forest Hills-Fresh Meadows line, there could be a Flushing-Fresh Meadows line. I think that we can provide 20TPH on the Jamaica-Flushing portion, and 10TPH on each branch w/o Fresh Meadows. With Fresh Meadows, 24TPH on the mainline, of which 12TPH each to Whitestone and Bayside, and 12TPH each to Fresh Meadows and Jamaica. Thoughts?
  15. Good idea. as @bobtehpanda pointed out, it wouldn't be feasible to have it in the highway median. So, I edited the map: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1j9orLSQvatWLmff-bWbUMxZMxLJHlW1H&usp=sharing 2 lines: (X) Whitestone-College Point Local / Main St Local (Y) Bayside Local / Main St Local Fleet: Siemens S70. @KK 6 Ave Local thoughts on the stations?
  16. Here's my proposal for a Whitestone Line: SERVICE PATTERN During the off-peak and weekends, it is: 15TPH to Flushing 15TPH to Whitestone During the peak, it is: 10TPH to Flushing 10TPH to Whitestone 5TPH to Whitestone 5TPH to Flushing During the late nights, it is: 12TPH to Flushing 10TPH Flushing to Whitestone (turquoise ) ROUTE https://drive.google.com/open?id=1j9orLSQvatWLmff-bWbUMxZMxLJHlW1H&usp=sharing FLEET R188s from the STATION ALIGNMENTS Flushing-Main St made a 5-track station, outer 2 tracks are for s and Whitestone s Northern Blvd tunnel, 2 tracks, island platform Latimer Pl tunnel, 2 tracks, island platform Linden Pl tunnel, 2 tracks, island platform ENTERS I-678 MEDIAN JUST AFTER LINDEN PL 25 Av median of I-678, 2 tracks, island platform 20 Av median of I-678, 2 tracks, island platform 14 Av median of I-678, 2 tracks, island platform Whitestone-9 Av median of I-678, 3 tracks, island platforms Thoughts @KK 6 Ave Local @LaGuardia Link N Tra @mrsman @WillF40PH @Mnrr6131?
  17. I meant: CONEY ISLAND - SEA BEACH LCL - 4 AV EXP - BWAY EXP - 63 ST - QBL LCL - JEWEL AV - FRESH MEADOWS Thoughts on my Jewel Av Line?
  18. 63rd and 4 Av Exp. Typo, sorry! Thoughts on my Jewel Av Line?
  19. Here's my plan for de-interlined QBL: 4 lines: SERVICE PATTERN CHANGES runs to 96/2 fulltime switch terminals LINES WTC - 8 AV LCL - 53 ST - QBL EXP - JAMAICA keeps current service pattern 12TPH CONEY ISLAND - CULVER LCL - 6 AV LCL - 63 ST - QBL EXP - HILLSIDE keeps current service pattern 12TPH HANOVER SQ - 2 AV LCL - 63 ST - QBL LCL - ROCKAWAY BEACH BRANCH - JFK new route, JFK link, reactivated RBB line with stations at: South Forest Hills (Yellowstone Blvd) Union Tpke Myrtle Av Jamaica Av Atlantic Av Liberty Av JFK-Howard Beach 12TPH CONEY ISLAND - SEA BEACH LCL - 4 AV LCL - BWAY EXP - QBL LCL - JEWEL AV runs on a new extension under Jewel Av to Fresh Meadows (map is link) 12TPH WOODHAVEN BLVD BECOMES AN EXPRESS STATION AND INTERMODAL HUB WITH THE AND Q11, Q22, Q38, Q52+, Q53+, Q59, Q60, Q72, Q88 BUSES. IT IS RENAMED WOODHAVEN BLVD - QUEENS CENTER MALL. Thoughts @LaGuardia Link N Tra @Theli11 @Collin?
  20. what about CPW customers going to Brooklyn? Also, what is the 145-168 exp?
  21. Thanks! I'm definitely going to add more content! Check back periodically for updates!
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