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  1. Does anybody think that the will build a tram ever?
  2. well then it was not 3776. this was an r179
  3. Could you also do the overhead sign with destinations
  4. The 175 has virtually no MCIs -- have seen/tracked none recently. As for the 171, I'm pretty sure it has MCIs b/c it runs on Rt.4 almost its whole route.
  5. I saw 3676 (I think, might have been 3776) at Bombardier's Plattsburgh facility a few weeks ago -- not sure when it will arrive in NY.
  6. If you can't do it, then don't worry bout the 90-92 Sts station name -- there might not be room. @Frankie12345 Thanks and sorry if I seem pushy.
  7. Make a tram with a (14) bullet: Riverside Park 96 St - Bway 96 St - CPW 96 St - 5 Av 96 St - Lex Av 96 St - 2 Av Runs down York Av 91 St 86 St 79 St 72 St 66 St 62 St - 1 Av (NB only*) - build connection to 57 St - 1 Av (SB only*) Runs along Queensboro Bridge 11 St/Qns Plaza 11 St/46 Av Vernon-Jackson *Trains have to get onto/off of the Queensboro Bridge, so the exit and entrance stops are at different places.
  8. Oh sorry did not see that post -- but I have seen R179s on the .
  9. There are R179 sets in revenue service. Also, do any other trains besides the have R179s?
  10. Not sure if these are 2000-2003, but the #171 out of GWB, and most all of the PABT routes have MCIs

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