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  1. @JojoMTAFanBusSignFan This topic has not had posts for along time. You should not post if a topic has not been posted in for some time. You can see if there is another bus sign thread, and if there is not, start your own. Thanks @Jova42R
  2. Here is a light rail proposal of all my main line proposals. Feel free to give me feedback! https://drive.google.com/open?id=1-tcqKNKVqBKvKiU0PhWQcB5xre6Pidol&usp=sharing
  3. Does anyone know if the shuttle bus over the Henry Hudson Bridge (now that the pathway is closed) is reliable? I plan on taking the noon one out of Dyckman tomorrow!
  4. This was filmed on Oct 27, on the Lo-V trip from 42 St to 96 St on the line! Here it is: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uA8NOGYs5CoU3PCJ_avKO1TMbAViXdf7/view?usp=sharing
  5. I have footage -- waiting for it to upload to Google Drive, so I can post it!
  6. Here you go! Link:https://piskel-imgstore-b.appspot.com/img/2e5735cf-f8dd-11e9-80a6-37f2ba5da0fd.gif
  7. West Side-York Av Local https://drive.google.com/open?id=1wZ6sjOelhnePGzOrcZdg_VfIhGVnwa9I&usp=sharing And the Sign GIF:
  8. Here you go! Link: https://piskel-imgstore-b.appspot.com/img/eab2a7c5-f838-11e9-ae7a-8f9b88947e76.gif
  9. You have to export it as 200px! A large is 400. I will send a 200 when I get home! thanks @Jova42R
  10. Last night, at Grand St I noticed that the signs say that there was a to 96 St behind the one to 205 St. Is this usual? (About 9:40PM)
  11. here you go! and the link is: https://piskel-imgstore-b.appspot.com/img/0ab2988f-f732-11e9-a8ab-4b9d538cc7a9.gif
  12. Here you go! And the link is: https://piskel-imgstore-b.appspot.com/img/58f2ff87-f5f7-11e9-9360-3b5a3ab933c3.gif
  13. Here you go! And the links are: : https://piskel-imgstore-b.appspot.com/img/11cb56ca-f5f6-11e9-bc72-e3acd7f2713a.gif : https://piskel-imgstore-b.appspot.com/img/0540234c-f5f6-11e9-8d62-e3acd7f2713a.gif
  14. Hi @Loading JavaScript! Welcome to the forums! The transit employment section (linked here) is your best option for looking to getting hired by the ! Also @+Young+ is the most knowledgeable person on this forum with relation to getting hired. Hope you like the forum! @Jova42R
  15. Here it is: and the link is: https://piskel-imgstore-b.appspot.com/img/afbae917-f4c2-11e9-8c1a-51d88848c334.gif
  16. Hi all! I have learned how to make subway sign gifs using Piskelapp. If you would like one done, please let me know. I can make them small size, medium, or large. Here is a small size version (fantasy line): Hope you like this, and request away!
  17. Riverside South-57 St Shuttle 72 St runs via Riverside Blvd 68 St 62 St runs via 57 St 11 Av 9 Av (connection to ) 57 St-7 Av 5 Av-57-59 Sts Lex Av-57-59 Sts 2 Av York Av Roosevelt Island
  18. LGA-Uptown Connector LGA runs via 20 Av Hazen St 45 St Steinway St 31 St ( get extended to 20 Av under this scenario) 21 St runs via 21 St Ditmars Blvd 24 Av 27 Av 8 St/Astoria Blvd Roosevelt Island - Lighthouse runs via 86 St York Av 2 Av Lex Av 5 Av - Met Museum CPW Upper West Side - Broadway
  19. LGA-Midtown Connector LGA runs via 20 Av Hazen St 45 St Steinway St 31 St ( get extended to 20 Av under this scenario) 21 St runs via 21 St Ditmars Blvd 24 Av 27 Av 8 St/Astoria Blvd runs via Vernon Blvd 31 Dr 36 Av Roosevelt Island - Main St Roosevelt Island - Tramway Plaza Roosevelt Island - Cornell Tech runs via 57 St York Av 2 Av Lex Av-59-57 Sts 5 Av-59-57 Sts 57 St - 7 Av Columbus Circle 59 St - 10 Av runs via 10 Av 54 St 48 St 42 St Hudson Yards 28 St 23 St 16 St 14 St - 8 Av
  20. A train goes out of control and hits a support beam, knocking down Atlantic Terminal , and the line above it. Trains can stop at DeKalb, just cannot go south of it. NO TRAINS CAN STOP AT ATLANTIC TERMINAL Reroute: __________________________________________________________________________ My rerouting: : runs from 145 St to 59 St, then over the to WTC, shuttle buses WTC to Prospect Park (via Brooklyn Bridge) for : runs in 2 sections: from 205 St to 2 Av , and from 36 St to Coney Island, Shuttle buses run between 2 Av and 36 St. : runs in 2 sections: from Astoria to DeKalb Av, and from 36 St to Coney Island. Use aforementioned shuttle buses for service from DeKalb to 36 St : runs in 2 sections: between 71 Av and Court St, and between 36 St and Bay Ridge, shuttle buses provided : runs in 2 sections: from 96 St to DeKalb Av, and from Prospect Park to Coney Island, use aforementioned shuttle bus. : runs in 2 sections: from Wakefield to Boro Hall, and from Grand Army Plaza to Flatbush Av. Shuttle bus provided (Boro Hall to Grand Army Plaza) : runs from Grand Army Plaza to New Lots Av, Use aforementioned shuttle bus. : runs from Woodlawn to Boro Hall : runs from Dyre Av to Bowling Green, use for Brooklyn the shuttle buses that are running are: : WTC-Prospect Park : 2 Av-36 St (exp along 4 Av, stops at DeKalb for ) : Court St-36 St (local along 4 Av) : Grand Army Plaza-Boro Hall
  21. : Coney Island-Atlantic Av, then runs via then over to 96 St, shuttle 205 St-59 St : runs via from Bergen to Court Sq : runs between Metropolitan Av and Delancey Essex, then over the to Broad St, over the to 59 St (Express Atlantic-59), then over the to Coney Island. : runs shuttle from 57-7 to Astoria : local north of 14 St : normal service, express from 14 to Canal : runs via 60 St Tunnel, then over the to Whitehall St A free shuttle bus, will run from Roosevelt Island, via QB Plaza, and then over the Queensboro Brg, then down York Av to 53/54 Sts, terminating at 8 Av, Making Stops at Lex Av, 5 Av, 7 Av, and 8 Av.
  22. Since no one answered mine, here is my attempt at rerouting everything : QB Plaza - Flushing, shuttle buses Vernon-Jackson to 33 St, MetroCards cross-honored on ferries : no service : 96 St-Coney Island, shuttle buses from QB Plaza to Ditmars : no service : runs from Coney Island to W4 St, then over the to 168 St : no service : Queens Plaza to Jamaica Center, local : Metropolitan Av to 47-50 Sts, then over the to 205 St : Bay Ridge to Lex-59 : terminates at Nassau Av, shuttle buses provided SPECIAL SERVICES : WTC to Lex-53 : Jamaica-179 to Queens Plaza, express : Roosevelt Island to W4 St
  23. I think all Manhattan Local Buses will have OMNY - most all of them have bases!
  24. Are the Columbia Transportation Xcelsiors XDE40s or XE40s? Thanks in advance to anyone who knows!
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