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  1. If you can't do it, then don't worry bout the 90-92 Sts station name -- there might not be room. @Frankie12345 Thanks and sorry if I seem pushy.
  2. Make a tram with a (14) bullet: Riverside Park 96 St - Bway 96 St - CPW 96 St - 5 Av 96 St - Lex Av 96 St - 2 Av Runs down York Av 91 St 86 St 79 St 72 St 66 St 62 St - 1 Av (NB only*) - build connection to 57 St - 1 Av (SB only*) Runs along Queensboro Bridge 11 St/Qns Plaza 11 St/46 Av Vernon-Jackson *Trains have to get onto/off of the Queensboro Bridge, so the exit and entrance stops are at different places.
  3. Oh sorry did not see that post -- but I have seen R179s on the .
  4. There are R179 sets in revenue service. Also, do any other trains besides the have R179s?
  5. Not sure if these are 2000-2003, but the #171 out of GWB, and most all of the PABT routes have MCIs
  6. true -- maybe to Hoyt-Schemerhorn then take the B63 at Atlantic? Thanks!
  7. Yes, but that is a 20 min (1 mile) walk! Is there any other option?
  8. This weekend, I need to get from West Harlem to BBP Pier 5. Normally, I'd take the to the then walk, but since trains are not running, I have to use a different option. Ideally, I'd like something with not a TON of walking time -- I'll be carrying a lot, but 10 min walk is fine.
  9. A few days ago, I was on an M60SBS to 106/Bway. I got off at 120/Bway (I was the only one on the bus), yet I tracked the bus on BusTime, and it continued to 106, but never went Northbound - probably deadheading to MJQ. Since you cannot board at Bway and 116, then why didn't the b/o just go directly onto the highway at 125 to get to MJQ faster?
  10. Are there special transfers where you can transfer three times? I read somewhere that you could do this in some special areas. Does anybody know what these are? Thanks!
  11. If you can, please do include the 90-92 Sts Station sign I put at the top! Also, please include the changes I made above. This is the final sign! Sorry for changing it so much!! Thanks
  12. (Also posted in Subway Random Thoughts) Is there a relatively easy way to get from the upper east side (82 St/Park Av) to the GWB Bus Terminal? Thanks!
  13. (Also posted in Bus Random Thoughts) Is there a relatively easy way to get from the upper east side (82 St/Park Av) to the GWB Bus Terminal? Thanks!
  14. Can I have another sign done: 90-92 Sts Station Uptown & York Av/96 St Local 2 Av/Grand Concourse Local 2 Av/Grand Concourse Express LGA Airtrain Bronx To Riverside Park To Norwood - 208 St To Norwood - 208 St To 57 St-10 Av all times late nights; no service, late nights; no service, late nights; limited service Take to 5 Av for Take to 5 Av for Alternative: Take to 59 St for Thanks
  15. Is there an extra charge for transferring from Herald Sq station to NJT/LIRR and trains at Penn Station?
  16. Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but can you request a stop on Rockland Coaches buses? Also, where are the official stops in Tenafly, NJ Thanks a lot, @New Flyer Xcelsior
  17. Were all the 46xx buses transferred from SI? and, where did the 40xx buses come from? They have Bronx bus maps, but they are advertising OMNY — so did they go from SI to Bronx to MHV? I’ve seen them mainly on the M11 and lastly, is MHV the only depot the SI buses have been transferred to?

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