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  1. Am advocating for transit to renovate stations like Flushing Main street and World trade center and add ventilations because some stations are scorching hot.
  2. I think rushed the installation of the CBTC system along the Queens Blvd line which messed up the fleet pattern between and .
  3. That's because there aren't that many trains available for those lines plus the has lowrider ship in Brooklyn.
  4. Those R179s should be referred to Kawasaki and from their they'll inspect them and make any necessary changes to structures.
  5. When the R179 goes back to service, maybe some extra ones can go on the line since no r160s on that line.
  6. When the R211 delivery begins, what line is mostly likely to get the 211?
  7. I just understand why the will no longer have r160A/B ?
  8. We would see the R32 again in action
  9. Those tracks could be raised as the line is being expanded
  10. Do you think this expansion should be underground or elevated?
  11. Should the line be extended from Jamaica 179 further out into Queens up to Cunningham Park ?
  12. Why the and never get the Newer Technology trains ?
  13. These trains that terminates at 59 street, they mostly get stored along the Sea beach line.
  14. Actually, the has more r160s than the line and they only r160B siemens. I think when Jamaica yard has access amount of R160s, they most likely to send some of them back to Coney Island yard on temporary basis.
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