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  1. The R46 on the runs a long distance from 207 to Far Rockaway and they don't break down, so why are the R46 on the breakdown fast ?
  2. If all R211 options are excercised and all delivered, how how that impact the current fleet operation in-terms who get what?
  3. So Jamaica lends there r160s to line, but under what occasion.
  4. Why some r160s from Jamaica yard runs on the line?
  5. Today an R179 on the , three of its contact shoes came off.
  6. Would NYCTA ever reconsider creating part time positions like Part-time Train Operator and Part time Conductor ?
  7. Why make the end at Whitehall along with the , instead extend either the or or both to Bay Ridge.
  8. Based on the research and what I've read "This move followed the transfer of the Staten Island Rapid Transit from the New York City Transit Authority's Surface Transit Division to the Department of Rapid Transit on July 26, 1993" so I assumed that the SIR used to be part of NYCT.
  9. That's where I live (Staten Island), I think I just came across a point where it used to be part of NYCT but than it separated.
  10. B division got way more crews, maybe they should transfer over some crews from B division over to A division.
  11. How come only that car has blue LED lights but no the rest of the new tech fleets.
  12. With CBTC, I don't think that kind of technology would go that far in terms of replacing T/O and C/O physically. I think the Fix Block signaling would still be around for a little while.
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