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  1. the letter states re-certification is at the agency's request. I have a few contacts in the MTA who may be able to share some more info with me. If anything changes i'll be sure to update you guys, but for right now.. looks like it's a big RIP for me
  2. well, it's official. I have been declined employment. not because of weight or drug screening but because of an unfortunate rule. i'm referring to Rule 4.7.1 (c) that states: (Source) I'm really disappointed and receiving the letter stating so was a real bummer. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this forums. It's been a blast. I wish you all the best. Best regards, List number 98x
  3. hey man, can you send me that phone number again? I never got to save it.
  4. im in the 990's and haven't gotten anything yet
  5. thanks for the number man, who is this to? im gonna call first thing tomorrow
  6. do you have their number? I need to make a call as well
  7. yeah i'll see whats up, who do I even call??
  8. 100% sure. and don't they notify you if you failed anyway? im just gonna give it a week and if i dont hear anything then ill give someone a call.
  9. thats nuts, im 99x. i check my email everyday and spam, i know i put the right email >:[
  10. I'm 99x I'm hoping i hear from them soon! I've done two PE's, no medical yet. maybe this will be the week that changes.
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