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  1. I went in last Tuesday 3/30 for drug testing. Then again Tuesday 4/6 for the medical and to finalize everything.
  2. Good morning guys. I got sworn in yesterday for the May 10th class. List number 133x.
  3. I know we’re all excited and always looking for new info. I can wait another 3 months, been waiting this long 🤣🤣🤣 especially because the mix up was my fault. SO MAY IT IS!!!!!
  4. They got beyond that. They skipped me because of my mix up. I’m 133x. I was told that I would be in the May class guys. So I guess they’re going to try and do classes every 3 months.
  5. Yes I am 133x. I’m still here. Because of a mix up on my end. They were so patient with me. I may not be in the 2/22 class because of the mix up.
  6. Good morning all. I’m currently at 180 Livingston. Here for medical. They called me yesterday afternoon to come in. If anyone drops out of the class for 2/22 I would go in is what vargas said when she called. I’ll keep my ear open for any info. I’ll also be sure to ask about future classes.
  7. Me too. I think they’re trying to avoid what happened in August. They filled up the class after sending out the email for us to come in for medical. Then they had to email us to stay home at the last minute. I’m 133x just like you.
  8. I still haven’t gotten the email for medical. 133x when do you go in??
  9. I went in Friday for the urinalysis. Still waiting.
  10. Nothing yet. They did say they’ll start reaching out after Thursday.
  11. When I went back in July, it was fast.
  12. I’m 133X did you submit the documents on time? And as a pdf? If so they should be reaching out soon. Another thing, the email was in my spam folder so check in there.

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