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  1. I know all the time sellers put cards up with ridiculous BINs. Sometimes that's to generate views without the intention of selling, sometimes it's just to draw in higher offers. I'm stuck right now though with a PC card I need, a seller suggesting he wants to sell, and seemingly no middle ground. I have a 2018 rainbow with both base supers (chrome/chrome sapphire) and the insert autos as well. The insert super auto just hit ebay. Based on previous sales and what I spent on the other cards, this should be a $150-$200 card. The BIN/OBO is $2,500. I messaged the seller showing I had the whole rainbow and wanted to complete it with this final card. I want to be the buyer, but the ask is crazy. I suggested what sales have been and the seller said the card was on consignment. The lowest they're willing to go is $1,200. How do you handle trying to work towards a solution, or do you just let the card go and stop thinking about it?
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