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  1. I got the email to go in a 3PM too, I responded faster than you can say MTA. lol
  2. When you get passed for medical you get sworn in the same day. They give you the date of when your class will start and you have to resign your current Job before that date.
  3. Doesn't matter the point is that he screwed himself over because he wanted to impress someone.... as I said... it's crazy.
  4. It's insane... in the NY Post article it says this dude made 117k last year... all of the benefits just wiped out by his poor judgement. It's crazy.
  5. I put my two weeks today to depart from my current job on the 26th and have a nice 3 day weekend. You should be resigning before the 30th though so you do you.
  6. the entire document, just read carefully and don't fill out anything you don't know. Sign everything that requires a signature.
  7. Cool thanks man, I appreciate you.
  8. Hey guys, for those that are already in class, what kind of pants is the best option? I have all black jeans pretty much but I don't think that is acceptable attire for them. I know it says dark blue, where do they sell those cuz imma buy a few.
  9. I have mild sleep apnea on a low level. So the doctor said I’m good. Plus I got a gastric bypass so I’m going to be losing a lot of weight. I’m good for the rest of my career.
  10. Good Morning guys, wanted to give the forum an update about the sleep apnea test before medical. I went in yesterday for medical and it turns out that the doctor accepted the test I took. So please let it be known that they do accept sleep apnea test if you take it before medical. It just has to be recent. I was sworn in yesterday for the August 30th class. Thank all of you for all the help and god bless. I will see you guys in training. LETS CRUSH IT!!!!!
  11. Not at all, just business casual. Polo shirt is fine with slacks and all black sneakers, maybe some dress shoes if you have them. That's how I do it and they are fine with it.
  12. I did mine through 14 Street Medical Arts.
  13. Also another thing, Jesus Christ on a cross... the paperwork for medical day is insane. I was literally filling out documents last night for hours trying to make everything perfect. I filled everything to the best of my knowledge. I know that the dates for my previous employment are not perfect but around the time I started and Resigned... I hope that doesn't become a problem.
  14. I honestly don't think they will make me do it again. Plus they should be happy that people are being efficient with time and getting things done on their end to get the job sooner.
  15. That's what I'm saying, there is a lot of conflicting messaging in here about certain things. I went to get a sleep test done because I knew I had a high BMI and a bigger than 17 inch neck size. Then I see a post that says that doctors aren't accepting that. It's frustrating because I paid money to get this test done and I only have very mild sleep apnea which means I don't need a CPAP machine. I got my results and everything in time for medical tomorrow. I need to know. Will that be accepted or no?

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