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  1. I'm confused I was told from a tss at pe that city time doesn't transfer because mta is state funded. 🤔 As far as comp time is concerned
  2. Naw only did it once, hopefully we do it again soon. It only last 90 days I was told. Wishful thinking 🙏🏽 Trust they wouldn't had called us in if it wasn't guaranteed already that we were going there. Just playing the waiting game, this is the part I hate the most. But best believe with some blessings GOD will make it happen.
  3. 15×× same here hope I get an opportunity to join before the year ends.
  4. How long is the training?
  5. I make 18.50 and I bust my ass giving out tickets, I would love to make around that range. This pay is disrespectful
  6. Don't you make 27 per hour?
  7. At least you in the door, my toes barely keeping it ajar lol.
  8. At least you don't need a shaving restriction letter lol. I'm a tea2 and I can't stand it anymore, I need a more relaxed career, let's see what happens. Wish you the best, start studying and get that mindset ready to cram in that info💪🏾
  9. That sucks, well I guess PD for now...
  10. So you didn't get sworned in yet?
  11. I'm in the high 1500s and I did pe 6/28/19. I had the assumption they would pull out the medicals quick. That's why this is confusing to me 🤔
  12. List number 159× 😔 trust me I'm on the same boat, regardless I get in here or not I'm not doing another year at this job.

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