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  1. Got into OA still waiting for that T/O call. Union day was st Montague, I only gave them $1 screw that. Disability, plus pension and union dues I need to move from probies to bang more bucks out.
  2. You had the red shirt on or you were in a suit?
  3. What time did you go? I got there like 7:45
  4. I went in today for medical for the position of B/O. I was in and out so fast it blew my mind, it had to at least be 8 of us. When I signed I saw a few t/o, dispatchers and conductors. But at this rate not sure what they gonna do as the class gets closer. Not much info but something for anybody who's wondering
  5. Do you guys think they'll reach 15xx? I'm in the process for B/O but I would rather this.
  6. Two years...wow. https://nypost.com/2020/01/23/mta-transit-chief-andy-byford-resigns-after-two-years-on-the-job/
  7. Happy new years!!!Hopefully we get things going
  8. https://www.newsday.com/opinion/editorial/mta-subway-twu-lirr-contract-1.39816901
  9. That's what's up I'm 15xx that definitely gives me some type of hope, plus I see that the certification expires soon 1/06/2020 something should be bubbling soon 🙏🏽
  10. That's exactly what I was wondering as well
  11. My bad I thought you wanted Ms.Vargas no I don't have that number
  12. I'm hoping something starts soon ready to transition already lol
  13. I'm hoping this rally they're having doesn't effect the hiring process for TO. I'm ready to start lol
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