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  1. https://metro.co.uk/2017/12/29/guy-gets-penis-stuck-jumping-tube-station-barriers-7191042/ They might not look like much but the swing gates do substantially better against jumpers.
  2. No tweets about this - no service disruptions - no news. I'm inclined to say "your friend" is making this up.
  3. Check this out: http://www.projectsubwaynyc.com/ Grand Central: https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/42nd-street-grand-central-station-5d01c5209f01463baa647ee772e3181d The staircases down to the 7 from the 4/5/6 platforms are underneath the staircases to get to the 4/5/6 - you need to double back after you go down, they're right behind you. If you enter on the very far east entrance, around 42nd St / 3rd Avenue, you can only go down to the 7, and not to any other line. You can then go up to the other lines from the 7 platform. The shuttle passageway is the long hallway to the left.
  4. This is excellent. Now, will they replace on-board ticket collection with an OMNY tap - preferably one in-system at Atlantic?
  5. It's easy to turn 5 4 car sets (20 cars, 10 A and 10 B) into 3 5 car sets (15 cars, 6 A and 9 B), a 2 car set (AA) and a 3 car set (ABA). Do this twice - turns 10 4 car sets into 6 5 car sets, two 2 car sets, and two 3 car sets. Lengthen Franklin platforms to 180 ft to run the 3 car sets there, and couple the two 2 car sets together to run as a 4 car set (an ABBAAAAA train). If there are maintenance issues on the 3 car sets, can also run the 2 car sets in their place. This solves the Franklin fleet problem post R68 retirement.
  6. Sorry, why is it infeasible to build a passageway along Fulton Street? It is already wide enough for the station platforms - just extend the Manhattan-bound platform with a railing between the platform and tracks. Surely expanding an existing tunnel would be a considerably lower expense than digging a tunnel under Hoyt St, which currently has no tunnels under it.
  7. The Dey St Passageway half within fare control has mostly been duplicated by the WTC - Cortlandt connector, which gives the connection to the (just not the ). The two Hoyt Sts are not oriented conveniently for a transfer - and the station doesn't even have an underpass. It would make more sense to connect Jay St MetroTech to Hoyt St , the distance is shorter. If you're doing that, it would probably be more convenient to build the connection to Boro Hall, not Hoyt St, but the stacked platforms make it very hard to build a connection from that station - it would have to be at the height of the overpass to get over the northbound tracks and then lower to the mezzanine level down Fulton or Willoughby. Might be able to do an ADA ramp for the whole way instead of needing an elevator. I've wondered if the incline of the Dey St Passageway would have raised ADA concerns had it been in-system. This would also have been the first in-system connection between two platforms of the same line (the and from Park Pl / Chambers St to Fulton St). My above-proposed Boro Hall connection would also connect two stations. We should get our first in-system transfer between a line and itself when Times Square and 5 Av are connected.
  8. They're asking if LIRR takes credit and debit card on board (the conductors). The answer is yes - this topic is about how they will no longer accept paper bills (card only). They will presumably accept any Visa, Mastercard, Amex, or Discover (credit, debit, or prepaid).
  9. Caltrain uses Clipper with tap on - tap off and has a large number of commuters detraining simultaneously at 4th and King and solves this issue without faregates or delays. Clipper targets are scattered around the station, but most people don't use them. Why? Because if you have an active weekly or monthly pass then you don't need to tap in and out at all! Just once a month to activate the pass. OMNY app for commuter rail can work just like Caltrain - you must have an active ticket in the app, a paper ticket purchased in the last 4 hours from a vending machine at every station, a tapped-in pay-per-ride Clipper card, or an active monthly pass on your Clipper card, or you get a fine.
  10. lance is completely afk and doesn't moderate this forum anymore lol
  11. I don't think they ever promised the elevators would be completed at the same time as the station reopened.
  12. They can do this just like SBS enforcement is currently done. Everyone is required to present their proof of payment on random inspection. Just now the proof of payment is the card you tapped in with. It just gets awkward if you pay with your smart device and it runs out of battery...
  13. The is older than the MTA, and for that matter its route is older than Penn Station. There is way to extend it from Times Square - the 7 Av line is directly in the way.
  14. Trains have doors fail to open. Why is it any different for PSDs?
  15. The articles you have linked literally support my point. Article 2 emphasizes that Americans living abroad likely do so for reasons other than disliking the current political climate. Article 3 points out that many people who renounce their citizenship are among those already living abroad (and that it's a tax reason). Article 6 is pretty good - but it just says people want to leave (and not that any meaningful number follow through on this). The rest of the articles are wholly based on anecdotes and aren't evidence of a trend. I'm not interested in discussing this further, but I'd like it if anyone had any content on topic though. What else have people found in the capital plan and what is its status?
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